Harvest, books, documentaries, life work.

I pulled out the scale I ordered this winter and with a fresh notebook I’m recording our harvest. It will be a quick and short journal this year. I dug up some potatoes and that wasn’t too promising. The garlic is fantastic though. We harvested 2 lbs for the year. I have some sage that … More

Country livin’!

I feel like I’m in a private Nailed It! show. We are on a big health kick and I, the cook, am making raw cakes and pies. This is big because, I’ve had this book before I had my eldest boy and I’ve only done a coconut pie. 9 years ago. But yesterday I made … More

Being present.

Life is slowing down and space and time are spread out for me daily. It used to be uncomfortable not hopping online all through the day, interacting with my virtual life and work. I found pockets of time now available but I was programmed to sit and click clack and scan the online field, so … More

The learning curve in homemaking.

This has been one of those days. I’ll keep it short and to the point. It all started in the garden. I had my morning walk through with my coffee in hand. I felt disappointed with a side of bummed. Our garden is much better than last year and is giving me kale and I … More

Cleaning and budgeting.

It’s a hot one today and we all know that if you want to work outside, you do it early. I woke up to coffee brewing. I love when Bali gets up before me and I smell the brew through the house, nothing inspires me to rise and shine more. I took the dogs and … More

Mental exhaustion. Motherhood.

Lately, I’ve been craving the old times before cell phones with all their hundreds of busy worker apps and this curse and blessing of the internet with its tasty treats and dark alleys. The social media should be renamed “sucker of one’s real life”. My mind is worn out. I can hardly sit in the … More

Pantry. Home. Movies. Books. Budget.

Bali took some lovely photos this morning with my phone. If you look closely you can see the bees in the flower. The bees are thick these days. You will find a new reality in your home if you focus on that. Grow organically and you will have the bees, the birds, the dragonfly’s and … More

These new days.

This is a tree of heaven outside our bedroom window. It is considered invasive. I consider it to be just like it’s name, tree of heaven. It can withstand drought, flood, and mistletoe. It grows big, strong and fast. It is lush and green all year and in the summer it is loaded with tiny … More

Learn from my mishaps.

It looks like I will be investing some time on learning the craft of propagating. I found my biggest, tallest and oldest nectarine tree fallen yesterday. It looks like part of the base didn’t grow fully and it made it weak, thus when it was getting tall and heavy, it just broke. I searched and … More

Chores, chores, chores!

What a day! I had to take a break and brew a little lunchtime coffee and get my ice water. I’ll have to order more ice trays because we are just going through the 4 ice trays daily. I can’t catch up to fill a bag and get ahead, lol. I drink jar after jar … More


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