Summer Time!

I will keep this short as I’m missing my left Shift button on the laptop and it makes things a little irritating. I also think it is the Universes way of encouraging me to truly take time off work and off line this summer. Summer has begun for the boys and I’m a firm believer […]


This morning I stand on my back stoop watching my old hound, Clyde, pee on all my trees, starting with the corner of the shed. When he has peed on part of our orchard he runs off to bark at a neighbor walking by with their dog. I count Clyde’s remaining doggie years to comfort […]

Homemaking burnout.

This is a question that is asked often. Do I get burnt out on the rigors of housecleaning, frugal budgeting, cooking, homeschooling, and mothering? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. We tire of any job that becomes routine day in and day out. We have to grow into it, make it a habit, surrender to it, […]

Gardening and scratch cooking.

I spend most of my days in the kitchen. I love premade food in all it’s colorful packaging and time saving gifts, however, to make your own foods from the bottom up is by far healthier and a big money saver. Except macaroni and cheese, that in the box at .49 cents can’t be beat. […]

Running the homestead and saving money.

Hello everyone! We have been having a great time working in our big yard and garden, restocking the pantry, doing home projects inside and celebrating another little boy birthday. We are also whittling down the spending after a brief time of splurging a bit. I’ve been doing what I do! Purging, decluttering, still working toward […]

Loving the yard work and gardening

Yesterday I was working on the porch and in the yard for five hours. Winter is leaving us. I’m not putting away the down comforters just yet though, we may have one final kiss of rain, maybe hail like last year. But the days are longer, warmer, sunnier. The porch was looking pretty shabby. Spilled […]

Ponderin’s and ramblin’s on homemaking.

Good day! Or good evening depending on when you read this and what country you’re in. Ah, it’s been a busy morning. Had to take my beloved doggie daughter, Molly, to the vet for teeth cleaning and a tooth removal. The vet called to give me an estimate, which was much, much less than I […]

Finding Peace In Homemaking.

The days are getting warmer for some of us and what a pleasure to get out in the sunshine each morning and water the new garden or hang clothes out on the line and hear nature enjoy the day as well. The birds are busy with nesting and we are busy with our nesting and […]

Back to the dream of home and inner contentment.

I know I haven’t visited here in so long and I have no idea when I’ll be back. However, this morning, I sit here with a cup of creamy, sweet coffee reheated for the second time in the microwave and a picture window in my living room where I can look over our snow covered […]

Easy, Cozy, Frugal Living and Homemaking.

We live on a gas station paycheck and some royalties from my side creative endeavors. I have decorated our home for almost free, used our stimulus checks to stock the pantry, put in an orchard, and planted a winter garden. We don’t make much money but our life is charmed and cozy. We have no […]


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