Downsizing to just home.

My reading slump is over. I have been ordering stacks of books from the library and actually reading them. I had a reading goal of 100 books for the year on Goodreads, alas, I have only accomplished 7. And those were all in the last month. However, besides the wonderful fiction I’ve immersed myself in, […]

Transforming an old house with very little funds.

Hello everyone! I don’t think I’ve shared some redecorating we done recently. Everything was free and found on Craigslist, except this mirror and that was purchased on sale at HomeDepot. I believe one of you gave me this idea to put a mirror over the sink and the transformation is fantastic! I’ve been searching on […]

Paying off $359K in 15 years or less.

It has begun. The great adventure of paying off two mortgages. I’ve been recently inspired by the book Evicted and many clips from news reals during the recession of 2008. Nothing like reality to spurn a plan. We are debt free outside the mortgages and, here in California, our mortgages are small, especial with this […]

Winter Pantry. Humble Living.

Tis the season for egg nog and toilet paper shortages. It is becoming a seasonal tradition. First quarantine was in Spring and now we will be celebrating it again this winter…possibly. Shortages and drama have already begun. YouTuber channels are getting those views with titles such as “Food Shortages!” “Global Economic Collapse!” “Food Prices Skyrocketing!” […]

Small Budget Home.

New book is here! It took a year to finally sit down and write a bit. This is in ebook form and will be free all weekend. It is more of the same, but all the extra tid bits I’ve learned over this last year and our move, how we afford two properties, some stories […]

Writing Season.

It’s NaNoWrimo time and that means a whole month of being consumed in fiction land. It means long mornings of typing away, trying not to get in my own way, and lots of delicious coffee to give me the shakes at the end of each focused writing session. Ah, can’t wait. I’ve been on this […]

A life full of free goodies!

I’m enjoying my semi sabbatical already. I’ve downloaded and scheduled out over a month worth of past Coffee with Kate videos and disabled the comments so I have no need to get on line at all. I’m free! Besides a little bit of email and some paying of bills online with my bank…I am offline. […]

Fun surprise that I found the other night.

Good morning to some and it maybe evening or night to those of you across the sea! I found a delightful surprise the other night. Many of you are on my channel and have been with me for a long time. I know that it was very disappointing when I deleted the old channel and […]

Home is where the healing is.

I tried a fancy vegan recipe yesterday. Pumpkin ricotta stuffed shells with bechamel sauce (all plant based and all made from scratch). The woman on the cooking video said it was an easy recipe but at the end of a very long day of studying the video, going to several stores for ingredients, working fervently […]

Scratch cooking.

Ok, some of you would like some healthier cooking and I’m happy to oblige. Bali and I started a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. We are trying to cut down on waste, get rid of palm oil, chemicals, pesticides, sugar, dies, GMO’s, and on and on and on… So, that leaves us with one choice. […]


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