Harvest, books, documentaries, life work.

I pulled out the scale I ordered this winter and with a fresh notebook I’m recording our harvest. It will be a quick and short journal this year. I dug up some potatoes and that wasn’t too promising. The garlic is fantastic though. We harvested 2 lbs for the year. I have some sage that will be more than enough of the year and still getting kale.

Here is some raw pecan ice cream I made yesterday. I’m not crazy about it but if blended with frozen bananas, it makes a tasty ice cream. The boys and man loved it.

Our fridge or freezer has a weird smell. We have had some meat in there and, I tell you, when we just have plants and vegan fare it smells clean, but the minute we have meat it gets funky. So, the goal is to eat only from what we have until the fridge and freezer are empty and then I will dismantle and scrub out the whole thing.

Putting a bowl of baking soda helps as well.

I’m starting a new, large novel by Stephen King, Lisey’s Story. It just sounded so bizarre, I want to dive in and see how he tells this story. I’m distracted with chores and not reading as much as I’d like.

Watched a documentary by Café Gratitude the other day, May I Be Frank. It is very inspirational about inner and outer transformation after years of drug and food abuse and living a less than stellar life. Frank Ferrante is a fun, big Italian who has lived a wild life and is now fat and depressed despite his outgoing personality. He wants to fall in love one more time in life but feels that no one would love him in the body he lives in. The young men at the café take to him and ask him to do a 42 cleans. They record his 42 days of changing his diet completely, doing colonics, working through a healing workbook and facing his past to make amends. The work and transformation are incredible.

I found it on Amazon. It will inspire those of you looking to make big changes.

I ordered the book he works from, Abounding River. You can find it on thriftbooks.com.

Paperback The Abounding River Personal Logbook : An Unfamiliar View of Being Abundance Book

For me, it is one of those times to go within and do some more work. I’ve had a few times in my life where I experienced deep healings and extraordinary life transformations. I always had these large life changes during times when there was no internet or TV in my life for whatever reason.

One time I lived in my mothers old cabin for a year and everything was on a generator. I had very little TV and no internet. I had a year of inner work that changed my life completely and for the better. Another time was a couple years before that, truly the beginning of all the change and I had walked away from my old life, was housesitting a large Victorian for a year. I don’t recall why, but I had no internet, never was that into it. I don’t think I had TV either, I recall watching a movie or two and that was it. That year I had the deepest healing and began my personal transformation that led to getting sober, changing the way I ate and lived. My life just kept getting better and better after that.

There seems to be a correlation to not having internet and minimal if any TV and being fully present in the work of healing and transformation. I can feel myself entering that time. I believe it is simply that one needs to not be distracted by all that is out there and focus on the inner world.

And let me say, from experience, that once you heal your inner world and make it a peaceful place to be, you will choose your own company over most offerings outside yourself. I once could not stand being with myself, now I prefer being with just me and the boys. I enjoy my rambling thoughts when I go about the daily chores. I enjoy my inner thoughts and imaginations.

Diet and sobriety are key. Even what you feed yourself can make a huge difference in moods, joy, self acceptance, sleep, calmness. And drugs and/or alcohol doesn’t need to be explained in the damage these habits cause. But when one overcomes a bad habit or addiction, it is so empowering and life opens up in wonderous ways.

There is strong language in May I Be Frank, but it is worth seeing.

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