Country livin’!

I feel like I’m in a private Nailed It! show. We are on a big health kick and I, the cook, am making raw cakes and pies. This is big because, I’ve had this book before I had my eldest boy and I’ve only done a coconut pie. 9 years ago.

But yesterday I made the key lime named I Am Awakening, lol, sigh. And this morning I did the mud slide pie named I Am Heavenly.

Ta da! Yes, so this mudslide pie is heavenly despite it’s looks. I needed to solidify the filling a bit in the fridge before pouring. And I did mix all three fillings. I do not have time to make three separate fillings, cool them in the fridge to a perfect batter, pour, mix….I just mixed it all together and it taste fine. Thus far. ( we have already snuck samples as you can see). We are eagerly waiting for a few hours while it firms in the fridge. This is one of my favorite raw deserts. We served this at the raw culinary school and I used to have deserts at the Café Gratitude when I was a city bachelorette. Sadly, Café Gratitude no longer exist.

These deserts are made from natural ingredients and are great for weening one’s self from sugar and junky deserts. They feel complicated to make in the beginning. I took years, literally, to make two different pies! However, they are easy to make and require no cooking. The ingredients are things like cashews, avocado, coconut, raw nut butter, agave…

So far we have sage and garlic for our first harvest. I love sage with Beyond ground. It makes it taste like lamb. I made hand pies with the faux lamb the other night. We ate 14 between the four of us. If that isn’t proof of their goodness.

Here are the nectarine and rose branches I’m propagating. I’m hoping to have some success, it’s all new to me. I think I’ll start seedlings on the porch next year instead of bothering with a green house. This porch has been such a great outside gardening/ art space.

Arjan and Sam have been making dioramas with green moss we picked up at the garden nursery and a box of clay from our local hobby shop. They are off computers 100%, so I will buy all the boxes of clay and bags of moss they desire. I bought myself an expensive Gardening book that is local and written by all these skilled, local gardeners. I love this book because it just focuses on our area. I’ve got my highlighter pens out! It’s requiring some real study.

We’ve been listening to Blue Grass, Sam’s favorite right now. I’m brewing a little coffee to perk me up, I feel like I spent all day in the kitchen since early this morning and only managed to make the pie and a pot of Indian style beans, along with steamed rice. It reminds me of an entry by Mrs. Sharon White, where she was talking about her day and she said something along the lines of tidying up, fixing the evening meal and resting. Most of her blogs are about simplifying life and slowing down. So, it was something along those lines of just choosing one big activity, such as cooking.

I didn’t make much today, but that pie alone made quiet the ruckus in the kitchen. The other part of making raw anything is that you have to soak some nuts overnight, thus doing prep work the night before the planned pie. These aren’t recipes you just whip up with some pantry items. Such as that wonderful Crazy Cake (depression cake).

I look about my clean and tidy kitchen as I fix a small afternoon cup of coffee. You would never guess that I had put away two loads of dishes already, washed several tubs (no dishwasher), and wiped down the kitchen several times. I clean as I go and if I didn’t the mess would defeat me. Bali will never know the wild mess the kitchen was this morning. He will see a clean kitchen and food. I am leaving the kitchen at 1:40 pm after starting to prepare foods this morning around 9:ish am.

I read Mrs. Sharon White’s blogs to console myself that lately I am only up for one big task, and the ritualistic sweep of the kitchen, washing dishes, making beds. I tidy, cook a large meal for the day, and I rest between the extras. And life feels luxurious.


  1. I made a tofu pudding pie for my daughter’s birthday today. I made her a boba tea cake too. I don’t understand the boba tea craze that she loves.


  2. Those pies sound good! I baked cookies yesterday (vegan). I quadrupled 2 recipes and made dozens of cookies, most of which are now in the freezer. I never just make a dozen cookies at a time. If I am going to get out the ingredients and mess up dishes, I figure I might as well make a stack of cookies and freeze them. Then we are good for sweet snacks for weeks. Like you, we don’t have a dishwasher, so all dishes are washed by hand. Another reason I like to make big quantities of foods on one day to reuse the bowls/utensils before washing them. It is a more effective use of time and energy. And like you, by the time I did all the baking and tidied up, plus the other ordinary daily tasks, I was worn out. But the kitchen is tidy and the freezer is stocked.


  3. I love that feeling of baking and cooking up a storm and then being stocked for days! Funny you mentioned the cookies. I bought a thrift store cook book and there was a recipe for oatmeal, m&m cookies and an enormous batch at that. I thought I might veganize it and try to find a sugar alternative for the recipe.

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  4. Please keep these blogs coming. You calm me and teach me life can be really simple and pleasurable. Thank you Kate Your boys are amazing and beautiful.
    Your friend

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  5. Oh my goodness! Those pies look scrumptious. The hand pies made me hungry. Your days sound peaceful and lovely.


  6. They still have Cafe Gratitude here in LA. There are two of them. I love their desserts. Who am I kidding? I love ALL desserts. Eating them there feels a little less damaging though. The dioramas look like so much fun.


  7. Two in LA! That is great, I was so bummed when they closed. I found them in a pop up in SF at Gracias Madras. They are making a comeback. I just watched May I Be Frank on Amazon. You might like it. Just ordered their Abounding River workbook.


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