Chores, chores, chores!

What a day! I had to take a break and brew a little lunchtime coffee and get my ice water. I’ll have to order more ice trays because we are just going through the 4 ice trays daily. I can’t catch up to fill a bag and get ahead, lol. I drink jar after jar of ice water all day as I go about my daily chores. I fill up the boys metal water bottles the night before and put those in the freezer for the next day.

Today started out early with some errands to the grocery store, garden nursery, and feed store for more straw.

My tomatoes are getting this brown or strange bottom.

You can’t see it so well in this photo but the bottoms start to turn color, often turning brown. This is a sign of not enough water or the tomato needs more calcium or help absorbing it.

This is my poor blueberry bush. I think what happened is I used chicken fertilizer pellets and it didn’t go over well. Blueberries need acidic soil.

I fed all the tomatoes and four blueberry bushes properly with these specific fertilizers, all organic, and watered well. I have had many challenges this year with trees and such, but what an education in gardening! I’m always relieved to figure out the issue and be able to fix it.

The kiddie pool was in need of a cleaning. It is no easy task as it is 10 feet and 30 inches tall. It is just sloppy and awkward but I found a plug at the bottom and made my dreams come true by being able to drain the water I used to scrub it out. We bought a pump for this pool to water with. We fill the pool up, let the kids play for days and days. The boys have their playmates come over once a week and they all love this pool. One of the friends loves trees and nature so he decorates everything in foliage including the pool. By the end of the week the pool was looking more like a pond and was even a nursery for baby somethings…the boys said they were dragon flies. Anyway, I scoop out water with a 5 gallon bucket through the week to water trees and bushes and vines, but we use the pump to help me hand water the garden, and more trees. I don’t know how many gallons are in this pool, maybe 200, but it will water every fruit, nut, and flower tree, berry bush, berry vines, grape vines, old fruit trees, and the whole garden just from one pool of water. I feel good about this. The water will be used to water anyway, but now it has two big jobs; cooling and playing for the kids and then watering all life on this quarter acre.

So, this was over a week and it was time to clean it well. We pumped out the last of it in the garden, saved the baby water bugs and put them in a small tub of water until we fill this pool again tomorrow for this weeks playdate. I also bought more straw to put on the ground and then a tarp so the gravel won’t rip the bottom. We have to use the straw to level it out too, since it’s on a hill. I moved the pool under the walnut tree so when the kids play earlier in the day it’s more shaded. And closer to the garden and orchard for easy watering.

It was also time to clean the nasty cleaning rags, mops, and rugs I use in the laundry room. I use a cheap powdered detergent and bleach as some of these rags are from the bathroom cleaning. These rags never get white.

I use big, old beach towels (blue striped towel on rack) on the floors near the entrances during rainy season and now for the pool feet coming in the house.

I am still a landlady as this little spider has taken space above in my laundry room window. I had just vacuumed up all the cobwebs and here he comes building up a vast empire of webage. I watched him catch a fly the other day and wrap it up. I’ve never seen that happen. Bali witnessed him get another fly the next day. He is earning his keep for sure. He stays, his web will be untouched until he vacates. I just hope he doesn’t leave me with hundreds of spider children.

My assistant miss bread maker was busy today as I washed up the dishes and straightened up the kitchen.

I know the bowl of compost in the sink looks terrible. I ordered a compost bucket and a red dish tub.

I’ve taken to filling a jar with hot water and Dawn and soaking the eating and cooking utensils over night. Even wooden utensils. It gets everything so clean.

We had a simple meal of sandwiches with the vegetarian WHAM, lots of sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles and toasted sourdough and mayo. These are such good sandwiches but I’m afraid the only store that sells this WHAM is no longer carrying it so we will eat ’em whilst we got ’em.

finished up with a good sweep and steam of the kitchen and laundry, cleaned the bathroom with liberal amounts of Ajax and bleach, vacuumed the house and then ended with a little bath for my little girl…who didn’t love the experience much but loves how her coat feels after wards.

Look at her, she’s so dramatic. The dogs get so dusty and stinky. We bath the big boys outside under the old pear tree in the summer. They are dramatic too, but they love being clean and wet in this heat. Maintaining a clean house with three dogs is a lot of washing things and monthly baths and brushing.

Garden pics coming soon!


  1. great way of re-using the pool water. I wonder if you can order WHAM online and have it shipped to you? I am surprised you haven’t figured a way to make it!!!! I love a tomato/onion sandwich in the summer.


  2. Love reading your posts! We too recently moved into a home with a larger yard and are having learning experiences with new plants! Plus we have deer that come. To visit our yard daily so it’s trial and error on what to plant! You’ve motivated me to do housework this morning before I head into the yard! We survived the recent heatwave here in the PNW, how do you keep cool on the hot days?


  3. A lovely system for your pool and garden. Cleaning up behind dogs and children is what my mom calls “signs of life.” We’re living a lot over here!

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  4. i love the flow of chores. Today, I have to get our dog washed and do her ears. You will enjoy having a compost jar. Ours has a charcoal filter in the lid. I found having our kids brush our girl everyday keeps the hair down all over the house.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhhh, what a wonderful life in the summertime…busy, but so laid back and relaxing. Your boys will remember these days with joy forever. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for many more years like this for you and your family. ~Sally

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  6. Very productive days, Kate! It looks like unplugging from YouTube suits you. I am enjoying the blogs usually with an iced coffee and my to do list for the day. Blessings.
    Valerie I’m SC

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  7. Funny I just read this as I wound up on YT watching news reels and being sucked into the toxic swamp. Sure enough, I am a little bummed now so I’ll be going out to the kiddie pool with the boys and reading some fiction and try to regain my inner peace.

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  8. That wham is great for this sandwich but turns out not for much else so we will move on. And there are ways to make vegan baloney (that’s how you spell it the vegan way, lol) and it is so good. We will just do that from now on.


  9. My goodness, you are so busy. I love your method for reusing the pool water. That expression on Molly’s face is priceless.


  10. Love the blog. Your written word, is as good as your spoken! My friend told me to keep pine needle straw with the blueberry bushes. Has worked great for us! I got mine at Lowes, but I am in Middle Tn, so could be different!

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  11. I just love your posts. We got my son a large pool this year. He’s 11 and is a fish. Always has been. His two favorite things are water and He’s been living in it for weeks now. It’s been super hot here in Alberta Canada. +40 most days. Ugh…im a winter kind of girl. Love the cold. Love your chats. Thank you Kate for staying with us.
    Lots of love from Canada
    Debbie Johnson

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