This is our weekend look. Who am I kidding, this is how the house looks most days.

This is the other way it looks. We live in the kitchen. We probably don’t even need that living room.

See, this is the living room. Tidy, quiet boy reading…

Aaannnd, back to the kitchen. We cook and play and write and hang out in here all the time. It is where some good cookin’ is happening so everyone wisely congregates here.

I get the house clean and tidy, laundry dried and put away, menu planned out, groceries gathered, all before the weekend so we can all hang out and rest. Often weekends turn into work projects. I’m hoping that we can slow down until Fall as it’s just too darn hot to work outside but in the mornings. In the Fall we will be working on the front yard and redoing the floors for the back half of the house. After another spurt of hard work we will enjoy a long winter of rest and good books, Hallmark Holiday movies…oh my, did I just start dreaming of winter?! You know how it is, we get excited for summer until the real heat kicks in and then we start imagining snow flakes and rain storms.

I’ve been enjoying all the old movies. This was the Outsiders. I didn’t get to finish it due to some chore interruption. There are so many free movies and TV shows on this Roku that I am in heaven.

Celebrated a Saturday with a Crazy Cake, also known as a Depression Era cake as it needs no milk, eggs, nor butter. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7475/crazy-cake/

It is not the most exciting cake but with some frosting it will pass. I found homemade frosting from Christmas in the freezer and Sam decorated the cake. He said the theme was “War of the Spider”. It’s all the past Godzilla movies that influence that boy.

It’s a pretty funky cake but we had a sweet tooth and much to lazy to leave the house for ingredients. Oh joy when you can whip up something strange to satisfy.

I hope you all are enjoying your summers. We are struggling with being off line. My computer is the last of the gadgets not stored away. I have snuck about online for a few minutes here and there but Arjan and Sam can smell when anyone is online and find me. So, I just keep to this blog and clearing out the emails daily. I don’t have social media of any kind and I have forced myself to not go on YouTube. Each day it gets easier and now I don’t know that I want to be on there. It’s a habit or mild addiction. It was the same with Facebook. I deactivated the account so, so many times before I finally deleted it completely. I had always hated it and I knew it caused emotional stuff for me, but when I deactivated it I would feel so disconnected and lonely for a time. However, after watching Ted Talks on media and it’s hook, I deleted the Facebook and have never regretted it. It just takes some weening and then one is free, free, free!

Then you have to relearn the art of just “hanging out”. And spacing out! I find it hard to sit and space out but it’s actually necessary for mental health. I had to get back into reading too. I saw many people talk about that, how media has stolen their love for reading. It is quick snacking on a constant stream of junk food instead of siting down to a good, hearty meal. I’m relearning the art of just doing chores and making the evening meal with espresso and novel reading in between. Nothing more. For a week I was restless, uncomfortable, even a little emotional.

Now the laptop is shoved under the couch while I watch classics and highlight parts of my books or even crochet. Now I have coffee in the garden as I water my newer plants in the mornings. I play with Molly in the early hours before anyone is up. I try and just sit and gaze out the window. I’m enjoying it more and more.

I just sold my GoPro and the man was talking about how the news used to really upset him and they made a rule to not watch it after 5 pm. But that still kept him up at night as it was so disturbing. He said the family stopped watching news a year ago and they are much happier for it.

I’m telling anyone who will listen or has that little nagging in the back of the mind, get off the news, the social media, even YouTube for just a month or the rest of summer to see how you feel. You may not return…ever.


  1. Hi, Kate!
    This cake recipe reminds me of one I found when we had 8-12 people to feed (six of us living in the home and the rest were here on a daily basis). It calls for more ingredients than the depression era cakes but it turns out well with a variety of substitutions. I used to look online for substitutes to a list of ingredients and would bake accordingly.

    When we went plant-based, this cake was easily converted. We just replaced the egg with ground flaxseed and water. It was like 1 t. of ground flaxseed and 1 T. of water, mixed and set aside until thickening. Other substitutes were applesauce, banana, and buttermilk. The butter could be replaced also with applesauce, bananas, yogurt, and more.

    Here is a blog link I shared the recipe on (I don’t update this particular blog but the recipe should show up) and the blog post was written around 12 years ago (I transferred many blog posts to the blog site from an email homemaking letter) and it is now the one some of the kids and now grandkids ask for on their birthday. The grandlittles would appreciate a piece of this cake every day!
    If the link doesn’t work, I’ll copy and paste.


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  2. We cut the tweens down to 2 days of electronic media during the summer to keep up with their friends. I have been done with You tube for quite a while. We spend most of our time on the front porch and by the pool. We are gardening hard. Years ago, once in a while, I have made that cake with coke and cherry pie filling in my turbo cooker(I still love that pan) on my range.

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  3. It’s fascinating to see photos of the inside of people’s houses because they always have a different atmosphere, and it’s interesting to imagine how it would sound like and feel like to live in those houses with a similar lifestyle.

    Great post, and I like what you’re doing regarding the minimal online presence.

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  4. I’ve been thinking forever about deactivating Facebook. I don’t feel addicted to it so much as obligated to it, which is ridiculous.
    I was just talking to my husband over breakfast this weekend about things similar to what you are writing about here . I feel like I know who I am , what I like , how I feel it’s important to spend my time and where I feel my energy should be expended .. and yet I find myself doing these things the least sometimes .. always distracted or pulled in by media , the cycle of fear and negativity being sold to me etc .
    But it’s my choice . Who am I ? I’m a hiker , a wife , a mother , a dog mom and friend to animals and creatures , a lover of mountains and oceans and nature , a deep thinker , a homemaker , a voracious reader , and a kind soul.
    I was hurt when you quit YouTube .. isn’t that crazy !? But I quickly realized what it was . Listening to you and watching you go about your day challenged me , and made me think and felt like I was having a coffee with a kindred spirit . And those are lovely things but certainly not your job . I applaud your decision to do what speaks to your soul , and I thank you for reminding me to do what speaks to mine .
    It will be nice to “see” you here once in a while . I wish you the best Kate 😊


  5. I have a hard time relaxing and just doing nothing too. My books await for me to calm down and make the time for them! I deleted FB from my phone years ago but I still have an account which I check periodically. I always feel lousy after I do and I haven’t been able to completely cut that cord.It will happen though.


  6. I am enjoying these posts even more than the videos. We are also backing off from spending time online. Have your boys watched Secrets from Sulphur Springs on Netflix? We just picked up our weekly tote of library books and added them to the Lego filled table. Life is good.
    Valerie in SC


  7. Many were sad, hurt, dissappointed with my leaving. The obligation, as you put it with FB, was large with the channel. But I had to choose between my obligation to a community I adore but don’t really know anyone personally and my obligations to my sons, my husband, even my dogs (the other children and very needy ones). And what about personal well being? It’s too weird and hostile for me out there and this hate and trolling culture online is out of control. Now that I’m out of the game, I feel happy, playful, calm, in the moment. I’m bonding with my boys and taking better care of all of us. It is hard but worth it. I hope to see more people disconnecting.

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  8. Hi Kate! I just found your blog (again!) and am enjoying it! I used to love reading, and still feel like the library is a “candy store”. I am trying to get back into reading and off the iPad! Thank you for your encouragement for us to get back to the simpler life! I wanted to ask if you’ve heard of Jan Karon’s books “The Mitford Series”? The first book in the series is “At Home in Mitford”; there are several in the series of which I am trying to finish. They are good, clean stories about a Pastor who lives in a small town. Of course, the reader gets to know many of the townspeople, and how their lives play out and intertwine. Jan Karon even published a cookbook of recipes for those dishes mentioned in the storyline-they sounded so good! Since you enjoy Amish fiction, I thought I would suggest Jan Karon’s Mitford series.


  9. Oh Kate…I have a love/hate relationsihip with social media too. Also I don’t watch news anymore. I downgraded my cable to only basic cable. And I rarely turn the tv on anymore. Only when I go to bed to watch a late night show while I read and fall asleep. I deactivated twitter but then went back on looking and now I have deactivate it again. Nothing has changed there in the time I was gone. Same old stuff. And I am rarely on my Facebook anymore. There are too many narcissists there and, unfortunately, I’m related to a few of them. lol Just mainly there now to follow the kittty cams and animal rescure sites that I love. I am still adicted to YouTube. I have wheedled them down to a handful of favorites. I spend waaaay too much time on this laptop! ((hugs)) Sis


  10. Love the house. I always thought a house where children live should look like a home, not a magazine page. I had 4 and my house showed it. It’s so true that one day they will be grown and gone and you will miss all the noise and chaos of childhood. Enjoy every last delicious moment of it now. ~Sally

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  11. We have been empty nesters for some years now. My family is spread out all over the U.S. A. I Have been following you for Several years and adore your Humor, Your Input into life ,And our Higher Source …I’ll Be 60 This Wednesday Let’s Just Say I’m A Late Bloomer , Cowgirl, Hippy and Spiritual…Great-GrandMa, Daughter, Sister,Mother,& Wife. The unplugging of News Was and Still A Must in our home. I enjoy Reading, Cooking, Watching Old Movies, Visiting My Best friend Who Happens to be My Mother who is 82 and still takes care of herself. Oh And last butt not least I’m A Mom to a Large fur Baby. The Next think I’m Unplugging From Will be Facebook. And U Tube I’m dealing with that 👀👀

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