Broke And Happier For It! Book is out now.

This book inspired me to begin the work of transforming our lifestyle as I wrote it. I hope it inspires you. It will be the last book on the subject of home and living a more humble and simple life. I wrote this a while back and almost didn’t publish it, but a big topic is covered here; do we chase the money and success or scale back and put family, dreams and a peaceful life above it all.

And how do we create more time and space for what we love? Everything is so costly these days. Can we thrive on a tight budget or even be a little broke but better off for it?

Since writing this book life has changed for us as a family. I don’t do all the hustles I was doing. I choose one creative endeavor at a time. I vlog for the YouTube channel or I blog like this summer or I dive into book writing. Not all three all the time. I’ve ask my spouse to work less. We now spend more time with our kids, working in the garden or the home. Home and family is the focus, not making more money.

Surprisingly, we have experienced more abundance since slowing down. I believe it’s because we are now rested and focused. We are having fun and fun brings about inspiration, creativity, and a higher vibration that attracts good things.

I discuss the books that inspired me and why. We will discuss poverty consciousness and why one would choose to be broke to reach a goal or work on a dream. Or just the choice to be with their family over working so hard.

There are other tips, ideas, and thoughts as well. This book is just meant to stimulate thoughts about our choices in life and to find what is most valuable and ways to have a good life despite a lack of funds. This is ongoing work for us all.


  1. so excited, Kate, thanks! this is a topic near and dear to my heart for sure… already bought the book & will dig in to it probably starting tonight! enjoy that break!


  2. Can’t wait to read it. I have all your books on my Kindle! Thanks Kate πŸ’–


  3. Kate-will this be available through Kindle Unlimited like some of your other books? I’m a retired teacher on a tight budget – and got to this point thanks to reading many of your other books!


  4. I’m going to miss your vlogs but I will be reading your blog to get my weekly dose of Kate! I bought your book as soon as I received notification. I’m going to be reading it on the beach!! Have a wonderful summer!!!


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