Summer blogging.

Summer is here and our days are now in the garden planting, mulching and watering or taking slow, exploring walks in the cooler forest. Trips to the corner store for a slushy now and then is essential, along with ordering plenty of novels for the hotter days when going out and about is not desirable.

I am taking a full summer off from writing books or vlogging on YouTube because I feel like staying off line will do wonders for my mental well being. Video taping and editing takes devotion. I will be devoted to a simple, slow life with kids and dogs, sometimes a spouse when he is home.

But then I got busy and found all these things I wanted to share. I’m learning so much about gardening right now. We have sold our rental property. Then we want to do some work on this house and the ugly, dirt front yard but I am allotting a very small budget for the work. Most of the money from the rental will go to paying down this mortgage. We will discuss that in another blog.

My point is this; I am learning and want to share that with you. I am creating budgets. I’m gardening my tail off and learning so, so much! I am eager to blog all summer. Blogging is a delight when on vacation. It is very little commitment. Just a cup of delicious, steaming coffee and a few minutes on the laptop along with a few photos quickly snapped with a cell phone.

Join me for the summer and let us be inspired. Join me on too. I’m reading up a storm. Lots of bookworms on there sharing their favorite books or worst reads.

Also, the other fun thing on this summer agenda is a new book that I will be publishing in a couple days. I will announce it here when it’s up and ready.

Let’s have a healthy summer filled with all that great summer produce and let our poor brains rest from the onslaught of online life. Watch good movies that make you laugh and cry in a good way. Find fiction that sucks you into the pages of a fat book. Eat lots of frozen, vegan treats. Garden like crazy. Make a new budget that will serve you and the family. Do some small projects to make the house and yard more charming. Get out and take long walks everywhere.

See you soon!☕📚😎🌄


  1. Glad you are so excited about an offline summer!! We have a 30×70 ft garden but about a month behind because of
    All the rain here in Kansas. We live in a log cabin In the woods hubby of 42 years and our kids and grandkids live all around us! It’s a great
    Life! Enjoy the summer!!!

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  2. What a surprise that you sold your rental property. I am happy for you. I am working on our garden too. I can’t wait to hear what you have learned. I will be here following your blog.


  3. Love reading your blog Kate! You have a real gift for writing. Congratulations on selling your rental property…a wise move in today’s environment !


  4. What What sold the other house, how exciting. I bet that is a load off your shoulders. I know it holds a special place in your heart but it also holds a lot of energy and time as well. I myself have lots going on but unfortunately haven’t been able to do much due to having injections in my back and surgery next week on my hand. My poor garden needs TLC. I currently have 6 chickens. Yes 6, only one laying at the moment. The others are still young and one is a Rooster. I did not as for the Rooster he was given with the laying hen. He kind of messes up my tranquil quietness of my back yard, ha ha. I look forward to seeing the transformation and additions to the back and front yard.


  5. I’m sorry about your back and hand! I wish you speedy recoveries. A rooster is a bit noisy, however, he will keep the hens in line and watch over them and that is good. Yes, the relief in selling is big. I’ll blog about that soon. We are in a big simplifying and downsizing mode and it’s paying off in all sorts of ways. You take care of yourself and I’ll be here blogging all summer.😎☕

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  6. How exciting to be able to pay off a chunk of the house! Your summer plans sound perfect. xo


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