Ponderin’s and ramblin’s on homemaking.

Good day! Or good evening depending on when you read this and what country you’re in. Ah, it’s been a busy morning. Had to take my beloved doggie daughter, Molly, to the vet for teeth cleaning and a tooth removal. The vet called to give me an estimate, which was much, much less than I though. Whew! She mentioned how sweet Molly is and how chubby as well. Like mother like daughter. She suggested 1/4 cup of food twice a day and green beans as a snack. Turns out it’s true, diet is 80% of your success because Molly and I have been hitting the trails and mountains like two short legged Billy goats and still manage to keep our full figures.

Perhaps I should turn to green beans as well. Probably not.

Life has been slow and lovely. I’ve had a two and half month sabbatical since February. I intended to take more time but I woke up yesterday and felt like creating. What that means in the long term, I can only guess.

I want to try new things with YouTube and writing and I’m still hashing that out, but the desire is there and I’m ever grateful to have crafts such as writing and filming to entertain myself.

But I was doing too much for too long and going about my work as just that. Work. I became competitive and comparing and judging myself and the fun was gone instantly. Even work should be approached with some playfulness and enjoyment.

So, I laid the work down and turned back to my homemaking for therapy. Some choose to pay a therapist. I’ve tried that and never could stomach it. I have found deep soul searching and healing in a basket of laundry, a deep purge of old junk with old energy, or a thorough scrub of the house. I have worked through family problems over a pot of homemade stew and made big decisions while kneading a lump of dough into two loaves of delicious white bread.

Go back to the home and hearth when the world starts losing its sanity. Go back to simple living when you feel yourself stretched thin with modern issues.

I love my home. It’s far from perfect but now it is filled with a years worth of memories, a handful of holidays, and over 365 days of coffee brewing and living. I’m sipping a mug right now as I enjoy sharing this with all of you.

I received a sweet card yesterday from a subscriber on my channel who thanked me for keeping her inspired to be home and embrace it despite the hard time family and friends give her over it. I can’t fathom why anyone would harass a housewife unless, at the root of their heart, they were jealous. And jealous they should be! Being home is safe, warm, cozy, fun. It’s hot, creamy coffee in the morning while listening to music and reading a good book. It’s fussing over your little home, sweeping and washing and decorating everyday because you enjoy it. It’s fresh baked bread in your kitchen, it’s homemade, hot meals in the evenings with your family.

Being at home and doing a good job means a calmer spouse and happier children. Your family feels safe with you there. Always there nurturing and creating, cleaning and doing projects.

My boys will check on me now and then and when they see me in the kitchen putting pans of goodness in the oven and stirring pots, you can almost see the peace settle in their hearts. Mama’s home and she’s got her apron on, busy as a bee. The husband comes home to a clean and warm house that smells of dishes cooking. He sees his children playing outside or inside watching an afternoon movie to settle down. He is eager to get home.

We do have drama, we all argue and spat now and then, here and there. We are family after all. We are together all the time. We are human. But we share deep, strong bonds and our love is unquestionable. My boys are devoted and adoring (when not upset by some imagined injustice I’ve committed). The spouse is able to focus on work and projects with little stress from home. The dogs are calm because their family pack is always around them and they get played with, walked, fed well, yelled at for barking too often or chasing cats.

I have benefited greatly from staying home. Aside from being very happy and content, I have had time to work on a writing career and enjoy vlogging on YouTube. This has been profitable, not wealthy profitable with champagne and cruises around Europe, but it pays some bills and purchases groceries.

And while I am happy most often and for real, I have my issues. I am in my menopausal part of the story of my life. Before I truly grasp what was happening, I was mood swinging all over the place. I made thousands of decisions and remade them all in a days work. I changed my mind by the minute. I nagged and hollered to be heard. I felt aggressive. Then I started using natural hormonal creams and it was a 180. I went back to that calm and content woman from a few years back. I was obviously shooting testosterone out my head. I now feel like a lady again. I don’t know how men live with such a wretched hormone, to be honest. I now understand why war is a thing with men.

So, I started slathering on the natural hormone creams, incorporated some B complex and D and other vitamins, added even more vegetables and fruits to the diet, reduced the sugar big time, would never even think to reduce the coffee…ain’t happening unless I’m offered millions of dollars and even then I’ll sneak it. I put the hustles aside for a bit and returned to my housework and family.

It was much needed and I feel so, so good! But I feel like returning to my writing and filming. Yes, I have had videos up on the channel but I actually made those ahead of time or I would take a day to edit hours of filming I did here and there and then I’d schedule out the videos over weeks so the channel sort of ran itself. I kept comments off so I didn’t have to be online at all. I’d say I spent an average of 10 minutes online a day. Unnnllessss, I got into the gardening videos. Or cooking. YouTube can be really fun if you use it wisely. It is a tool for self education.

I need lots of time for homeschooling of two boys now. I need time for daily walks with dogs and kids. I need time to ponder and explore my inner thoughts on life and stuff. I need time to grow and mature. I want to share my thoughts but I’m no teacher of anything. I am realizing that quickly. I am just a 50 year old woman that geeks out on homemaking and gardening but she still has much to learn from others. I am many lifetimes away from being enlightened or truly kind and light hearted. I’m years away from being that housewife people would say, “Oh my, her house is so, so clean and she is the best cook. And her garden! Ah, amazing.” No, I still have smudged windows, dinners that don’t go over well with the residence at times, and my garden is still a mystery of magical wonders.

But home is safe in this odd time. I can choose to be home all the time. I take the kids to the park but I read for hours as they play and gain social skills. I can have groceries delivered. I can choose whom visits and how long. I don’t have to be a part of anything right now. I can hermit away. I don’t expect my family to hermit, they can have full lives. But for now I love home and I have no need for a big, busy life. Everything that sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say…or is it another minimalist, is right here in my garden patch and my hundred year old home.