Easy, Cozy, Frugal Living and Homemaking.

Easy, Cozy, Frugal Living and Homemaking: How To Stay Home On A Tiny Budget by [Mrs. Kate Singh]

We live on a gas station paycheck and some royalties from my side creative endeavors. I have decorated our home for almost free, used our stimulus checks to stock the pantry, put in an orchard, and planted a winter garden. We don’t make much money but our life is charmed and cozy. We have no stress and recently we have reduced our work hours even more…but that is another story. How can you thrive and not be a slave to work? How can you live on one small income and one of you stay home? How do you have a full pantry, a charming home, and a sweet life while living on less than $35,000 a year for a family? It can be done, I promise. Come join me and see how we live.