Writing Season.

It’s NaNoWrimo time and that means a whole month of being consumed in fiction land. It means long mornings of typing away, trying not to get in my own way, and lots of delicious coffee to give me the shakes at the end of each focused writing session.

Ah, can’t wait.

I’ve been on this wonderful sabbatical. I spent almost 3 weeks just working on the house, trying new dishes, walking the dogs, being with the family. I read Essentialism by Greg McKweon and still working on Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart. The first book would seem to be more for the running of a company or management, coaching, maybe leadership, but I got so much out of it and applied most of the concepts to my daily life and work.

I’ve been spending my off hours simplifying the house, the life, the schedules. Less to do, more time to focus on what is important. The idea is to let go of all that isn’t helping us focus on the big things.

So, what is the big thing, the main focus? That will be different for all of us. For some it is family. Period. For others it may be running a shop or business. Writing a novel. Running a 10K. Becoming vegetarian.

I still am trying to pare my ambitions down. Family is my life, but I need creative outlets. I have so many. I still don’t have an answer. I think it will take time to know what to focus on. I love to write, enjoy my channel. One side is reading novels, writing books, honing my skills as a writer. Then there is YouTube and filming, sharing, not editing.

Then there is the household. I see when a person has a main focus, they do well. When a person does too many things they water everything down and don’t truly thrive in any of the many works they try to accomplish.

I was inspired the other night by a channel made by a Gypsy wife and homemaker. Gypsy wives take enormous pride in having immaculate, super clean homes. It is truly a thing with them. This was a young wife who cleaned like nothing I have ever witnessed. I scan the housecleaning channels all the time to get inspired to rise from my kitchen chair and move mountains. Or dust bunnies at least. But all the “clean with me” vlogs are the same. Run the vacuum, wash some dishes, that weird YouTube music, put toys away…

But this gal could clean. Maybe not as green as some would like but she had the cleanest house in the West. I was inspired and put to shame all at the same time. As one subscriber commented, she loved the Gypsy wife cleaning videos and felt they made her a much better homemaker for her family.

As a homemaker, I can say that there is just something about a freshly cleaned house. I have hired house cleaners in the past as a gift to myself and coming home to a house that was so clean, tidy, put in order, and smelling of soapy cleaning detergents…there is nothing like it. I feel like I can think clearly, I feel centered, grounded…zen like!! Maybe not, but it is a wonderful thing.

So, this wife cleans and takes care of her family. She does vlog about it. She said it feels like when one keeps a journal to share and express their feelings. She keeps it simple. Family and great pride in a clean home.

I have been purging and downsizing but I honestly can’t seem to be in that “sweet spot” yet…or even close. My house doesn’t feel that fresh, scrubbed clean and I don’t seem to have enough time in the day.

The culprit is online work. When I took a few weeks off from working online I felt like time and space opened up for me. I had time to take long walks with children, time to read to myself and Sam, time to get the garden ready for winter. Now I’m back to work on the computer and short on time again.

I’ve ordered a stack of novels and I’m outlining my story for NaNo. In the next few days I’m going to clean like crazy and upload vlogs. In the month of November I will be completely focused on my writing and reading. I will probably not be on here blogging for the month as I can’t split my writing work up and spread it out like that. The vlogging for YouTube was already filmed and made into mini vlogs. I actually have a months worth or more, so that’s done.

I would love it if anyone wants to join me in NaNoWrimo. One year six people from the channel joined me and it was such fun support and community. This year I believe four people will be joining the group.

If not, have a great November and happy holidays!!


  1. That gypsy girl can clean. I ran across her blog, also. Never would I have thoujght of wiping down my couch cushions and she does it like every other day. She is an amazing cleaner, probably the best I have witnessed so far on YouTube. I notice she also keeps her furnishings to a minimum which helps a lot. Alas, but I have too many possessions. Did you see where she and her mother cleaned her grandmother’s house? Her grandmother has a lot of “stuff” like I do. Also, they each have old mobiles that they have fixed up very nicely. It just shows that beautiful homes can be made out of old junky places or brand new homes. I think the key is to keep it clean and functional. Good luck on the NaNoWriMo (or however it is spelled).

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  2. YouTube recommendation: Jeri Landers of Hopalong Hollow 💗 I’m obsessed with her ‘tea time’ where she brings out her beautiful crockery and discusses her table decor and tea blends. I love her kitchen garden and illustrations. Her banking is mesmerizing!

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  3. I think my biggest issue is trying to figure out how to balance keeping my house the way I want it and doing all the creative things I want to do as well.
    I have not heard of the gypsy wife’s channel I’ll have to see if I can find it! That sounds really interesting and like she might have some good advice!

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  4. Hi Kate, I will have to check out this gypsy girl. Right now I am really enjoying Green Renaissance. Thank you for the suggestions. Take care.

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  5. I love the Gypsy housewife channel. I found zero waste simplified our lives and our budget in so many ways. I admit I miss my subscription boxes and zip lock bags, but we carry on. Our gardens are done and seven inches of snow fell on Monday. I love making my own cleaner, it quite a luxury to make your own scents. I made pine cleaner this week from pine needles . My son is doing Nano with me this year.

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  6. I focus on one room every day. It is a trick from when I was single mom working odd hours. Mondays was my major clean and baking day. Tuesday was living room focus. I would make curtains or slipcovers, paint, rearrange furniture. The weekends were always free to play. My house was always full of my kids friends, so there was always of wear and tear and I loved it. This chapter, I am a stay at home mom.

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  7. Gypsy wife, NaNoWrimo both sound interesting. I like the ideas you’ve shared from the book Essentialism too. Learning to identify and focus on what really matters is so important. Enjoy your writing!

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  8. I will check out the Gypsy channel. We have been doing a major purge so we can get our house on the market to sell. Yay, it is too much for two senior people. You inspired us to make it happen. I have loved Green Renaissance. Thank you! Happy fall and happy holidays.


  9. If you are looking for another buddy I am signed up on Nanowrimo, but not sure how to find you. Did you see that steampunk keyboard giveaway? I am droooooling. ~ Stacey

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  10. Yes, I started this morning. I wrote 12 pages. So, quiet at four a m My eleven year old will be starting a graphic novel.


  11. I will. I have Word Perfect which I like for somethings. I needed to buy office again because I had a license for office under my university account. Luckily, I found it online for a very low price.

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  12. I am looking forward to seeing what else you create. I have been purging, starting with my clothes. Too many and I don’t wear half of them.


  13. Thank you for sharing the channel.. I used to watch Gypsy Sisters on TLC and I loved how clean the house and the housewifes were . Everyday was like a super high traffic area in their living room because there were always people over or they were even a lot of children if I recall well and the house was spotless and highly motivated me to keep my cleaning in the morning. They use a lot of bleach which I don’t and also Pinesol.. where I live Pinesol is 7 Euros and I don’t really know what it contains so I can maybe find a cheaper alternative.. Do you know if it’s natural? So I highly recommend Gypsy Sisters cleaning videos on youtube or Kayla Williams has also put some which I discovered today because you reminded me of them.


  14. Ooh, can’t wait to look! Pinesol is too strong for me and I can’t stand the smell. Bleach can be dangerous. A little goes a long way. I use Fabuloso and hot water or Mr. Clean. You can also use a tiny bit of bleach and dish detergent. Be careful about mixing bleach. The Gypsy wife cleaning has transformed my cleaning!


  15. You can make pine cleaner out of vinegar and pine needles. You need about 1/2 cup needles to 1 pint vinegar. Put it in a glass container for 1 week shake it every day. I am using lemons infused vinegar right now. same method as the pine needles. I steam evey thing with my hand steamer too.


  16. thank you for your suggestion..how long is this mix fresh to use? I forgot I wanted to share a channel which really motivated me to stay clean, is grandma griffith maybe you heard of her.


  17. Hi Kat, It stays good for about a month. I make small batches because I like to change scents. I haven’t heard of that channel I will check it out.


  18. You’re welcome. Natural cleaners have a love/hate relationship with people for sure. I love the hand held steamers too.


  19. I know you do not want the bakery talk. Your child Sammy is screenshot from your last video. The discussion is about your poor parenting about not getting his lazy eye fixed.


  20. Thanks for letting me in your blog. I finally finished all my sewing projects from reclaimed fabrics. I finished my granddaughter’s quilt and her video stories from us all. I won’t sew another thing for months now after the sewing marathon of 12 different projects.


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