Fun surprise that I found the other night.

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Good morning to some and it maybe evening or night to those of you across the sea!

I found a delightful surprise the other night. Many of you are on my channel and have been with me for a long time. I know that it was very disappointing when I deleted the old channel and with it years of videos and advice, thoughts, and memories. I have to admit that I regret my hast just a bit. I just felt tired, done with the crazy cyberspace wild west, and was truly ready to throw in the towel and start carving out a new trail in a new direction.

Alas, it seems I have a love for the work and I returned. But right now I’m reading that book; Essentialism, and I truly go to bed each night wondering what to let go, what my trade offs are to be in order to live fully and thrive.

I know the boys and man (and dogs) are my top, top priority. Spiritual health has to be above that or I’m of no use. But then what?

I need creative outlets…but how many? Homemaking is very creative. Then you have gardening. Cooking. Baking could be more creative and I’m working on that. I do NOT foresee making my own clothes or knitting our winter sweaters in the near future…or ever. I will can again and preserve food one day again. So, lots on the homefront to keep busy and entertained.

Then there is my writing. It has suffered since moving here. I used to produce a book every few months. I would join NaNoWriMo every November and do the virtual camps April and July. I completed all but two challenges out of 6 or 7 that I entered. I loved writing. I haven’t produced anything in almost 8 months now.

YouTube entered my life 3 years ago. I was trying to lose a lot of weight becoming vegan and I started looking up recipes and learning how to shop and cook in a way that would last. I learned to veganize everything and was having a ball. I started watching really good channels such as High Carb Hannah and So You’re Dating A Vegan. It was around the time HCH and her husband moved to the desert and set up life in a tiny house. She would do this lovely filming of her mornings walking, hanging out her laundry, drinking tea on the little porch, cooking. I loved being snuggled in bed in the wee hours with my candles and coffee, my little boys snoring and watching her desert life or learning a new dish with SYDAV.

Then I thought, “Hey, I can show our sweet little life!”

With a funky Fuji digital camera and free YouCam on the laptop I began recording our humble, simple life. My objective back then was to show others that you really could live on very little, have one person stay home to raise the kids or work on a personal dream, and thrive. I wanted to show people that frugality wasn’t being a weirdo cheap family, sacrificing SO much, living in a hovel and eating ramen daily. I wanted to show what a charming and cozy life we had and it was all on one paycheck back then.

When I started I didn’t even know you could monetize a channel. I did it for free and from the heart.

Well, I got to wonderin’ the other night if I truly deleted everything. I pulled out my old USB port that has a huge memory and I keep everything worth anything on there. I plugged it in and was surprised and thrilled to find all my old videos from the first year of YouTubing!

I found some videos from the next year and even this year. I found really good old ones people have been lamenting over the loss and asking me to remake.

I watched a few of them and I was reminded of that fresh and enthusiastic spirit I started out with. The boys were so little, I was so new and life was delightful. And it still is but I have to say that those first years vlogs had such charm despite the cheap equipment and lack of experience. I haven’t really changed that much except I’ve lost that zeal and purity.

I think it’s perfect that I have mostly just the first year. That was the best year in my opinion. I was coming from a true place of wanting to share and inspire. Later I would start treating the channel as more of a business model, talking shop with other YouTube pals, beginning the descent into comparing and competing to get more subscribers and earnings. And that is when I lost the joy and creativity.

The channel has improved on some levels but the love of doing it has waned over time and we have been working so hard in real life. Since moving up here we have been chopping wood, hauling water, plowing fields, painting, painting, and painting. Then fostering, then summer fires all over the place, and now I’m off on some strange new journey of whole food plant based living and obsessed with Zen Buddhist monks. I really have no clue what is evolving here, I’m just going with the flow, following my interest.

What I do know is that as I watched the old videos I remembered what it was like to be excited about something and to give it freely without judging myself or turning it into a business and setting goals to drive it. When you don’t care where it goes or how far or about subscribers or money, you have fun playing and creating.

So, starting next week I will be posting the old videos and creating a library of archived vlogs. I will be posting the oldies for some time while I take a big, fat, long break that is overdue and that I’ve been trying to take for some time now. There are some good videos here and you can enjoy the techni colors of my YouCam. I forgot those days when I sometimes looked a bit orange or very rosy. You’ll hear the clicking of my old digital as I “zoom” in and out trying to be fancy with my rickety camera equipment. These are the days before I switched to a cell phone as my recording tool and dug out a tripod from the closet. That tripod changed everything.

There is a good couple months of stuff here.

And as for the old blogs many of you were missing…I completely forgot that I have a published book filled with a collection of past blog writings that span the first few years of my work.

If you don’t want all the writings and only the homemaking ones, there is a seperate book.

So, I feel good now because the early stuff is still around, and truly, it is the cream of the crop before I turned with greed, burn out, boredom… and was assaulted by trolls and scary things that go bump online. These are my first works. The clumsy and innocent but honest works of a homemaker just trying to encourage others to stop running around and working like rats and taste the deliciousness of being home to nest and bake and build dreams.


  1. Like you many years ago I deleted a blog a little different than a YouTube channel. However the blog had so many memories but because of hateful trolls I deleted it.. life at that time was hard. I was dealing with my first bout of cancer and I just couldnโ€™t deal with that hatefulness I was seeing.. fast forward to this past week.. I once again be some overwhelmed by the hatefulness I was seeing on my now Facebook.. but thankful that because of my past experience I didnโ€™t delete my account I just deleted the app
    On my phone. I will go in and remove all the great pictures, info and things that I need or want. Then I will be off Facebook for good.. I have decided to share what my knowledge is back on a blog.. I have more control over what I see and is posted there. Once again I am undergoing treatment for a tumor.: and my energy needs to be spent on healing!


  2. Lovely surprise. So happy that you have saved some of your vlogs. I will enjoy re watching them. Enjoy your vacation. Stay safe.

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  3. Yay! I’m so glad you can repost some of those old videos. There is some really good content that I, for one, would like to re-visit. Your blog and videos from 3 years ago were instrumental in a whole life shift for me.. I started watching where my money was going, cut back where I could and began a strategic plan to retire from a job that was literally destroying my health.

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  4. Yay! I’m so glad you can repost some of those old videos. There is some really good content that I, for one, would like to re-visit. Your blog and videos from 3 years ago were instrumental in a whole life shift for me.. I started watching where my money was going, cut back where I could and began a strategic plan to retire from a job that was literally destroying my health. Your blogs and vlogs kept me motivated to keep working towards my goal and I did it! I owe you big time. My life is so joyous now. Calm, productive and happy. I wish this lifestyle for everyone. The world would be a much better place if priorities were shifted away from materialism and greed to sustainability and a sense of community.

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  5. Oh wow, that is so wonderful that these videos are still in existence! They are a celebration of being at home and being content, and helped to validate my decision to stay home and be a homemaker 17 years ago! Thanks Kate, we really appreciate you and your work, and for sharing your lifestyle with us. ( I have been motivated to clean cupboards and drawers lately ’cause of you.)

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  6. Yipee! I’ve missed those old vlogs and will enjoy watching them again while you are on vacation. Enjoy your time off and stay well.

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  7. Wow! What an awesome find! I am really looking forward to watching the early vlogs since I never saw them. So glad they are not lost forever. I get so much inspiration from your ideas!

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  8. Actually, what happened is, Prepper Princess recommended your videos and I really liked them. I started watching them all, and then after about 10 you disappeared! I was so happy to find you again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Yey! I started watching your old videos from the start again and then you deleted your channel, i was gutted! So glad you found them and are reposting. Enjoy your break and we will all enjoy rewatching. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  10. I am so happy that you found them! I loved the content and “rosy” Kate. I will be watching. Have a wonderful rest.


  11. We getting ready to watch Harry Potter. One of those days here, kids were out of sorts. Popcorn and Lavender mint sodas. Enjoy your vacation.


  12. Hi Kate! I just found a you tube channel called “Green Renaissance”. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did. Also, I have a book series called Foxfire. They consist of interviews of mountain folk in their own words about how they got by in the old days. I think you would find them really fun to read. I’ll look forward to watching your oldies but goodies!!


  13. This is fun news, Kate! There was some good info in those videos…glad its gonna be back! ENJOY the break. Another author you may enjoy for some homemaking inspiration…Daryl Hoole. The Art of Homemaking, The Joy’s of Homemaking and A House of Order. Her writings are older 60’s and 70’s, but stand the test time. Have you ever read any Sarah Ban Breathnach…shes the Simple abundance gal. She was super popular s bit back. The Simple abundance ones are good but you may enjoy her others. Less popular but good too…Romancing the Ordinary, Peace and Plenty (one of my top 10 favs on financials). And, Moving On. Most of these are in a format you’ll like…little mini page, page and half sections/stories.


  14. Wonderful news! I have a good friend who accidentally deleted her channel, thought there was no way of retrieving it, but months later discovered otherwise.

    So, I have just finished drawing out my plans for my potager garden. There is much I will be unable to do on it until spring [actually in February when I start growing indoors] but I will be making a small stone wall on one side of it. that can be time-consuming and tedious, but I intend to listed to your old videos as I work. I am considering putting in a concrete bench in there,so that people can relax and enjoy the garden, and if I do, I will dedicate it to you.

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  15. Oh Kate, so excited we get to see the old vlogs again! I had just subscribed and only saw a handful when the channel was erased. Canโ€™t wait to see them!! You are such a lovely, inspirational artistic person! Take time to enrich and strengthen your soul!!! We will be enjoying the older videos!! Can I tell you how sweet your boys are. I have all teen boys now, warms my heart and brings me back to those sweet times.

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  16. Yes I thought the same, Kate is just uploading the videos at the moment but we will be able to see them soon. โค๏ธ

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  17. Thank you, JenM! I just looked at for Daryl Hoole on my library’s website — not there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But they do have a nice collection of Sarah Ban Breathnach and she looks interesting. She is now on my list of to reads.


  18. Enjoy the rest, relaxation and time away. I look forward to watching your early stuff I never saw it and i have been rereading all your books. Take care and see you soon in cyberspace ๐Ÿ™‚, blessings to all x


  19. Kate, I would like to encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing. There are many out there who want and need to hear it. I’ve been reading and watching some documentaries on the homeless in California’s cities because of rising housing costs. There are families living in cars and in tents and still working 2 and 3 jobs! The only things I can see as to why they don’t move out of there are their lack of knowledge and fear. When people are conditioned to live a certain way it is hard to think outside that box and what could be possible. People who made a good income, but spent a lot of it on luxuries like eating out, convenience foods, and expensive clothes and cars cannot see how they can raise their family any other way. Now their rents are un-affordable and with the cost of living rising too they can’t hang in there on their pay. So many businesses are pulling out because of taxes, so many have lost their jobs, and it seems certain that the ones who are getting help from the government may lose even most of that. Hopefully your messages will spread to people like that and they will understand that they can have a less stressful, happy life. It’s going to take a change of mindset and a move out of the city, but they can do it. You’ve proven that. They need people like you to show them the way.

    I’ve noticed you seem so much happier and relaxed lately and I am happy that you’ve found the rhythm and flow your life and family needed in your new home. I’m impressed at the progress you and your little family have made and the life you’ve created for yourselves. Congratulations. ~Sally


  20. Thank you, Sally. I really appreciate the feed back. I’ve been going through all the old videos from the first year and it has renewed and refreshed my ideas of how to continue with the channel. I feel this topic of frugal and simple living is so very important but you must lead by example so if I go back to my more rustic, around the house life and talks on frugality…you get it. I’m taking a long sabbatical to really, truly rest this time and come back full of ideas and sharing.

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  21. The beauty of community is skill swapping! I could knit those winter sweaters…or at least a hat or scarf! I need more excuses to knit. ๐Ÿ˜€

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