Scratch cooking.

Ok, some of you would like some healthier cooking and I’m happy to oblige. Bali and I started a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. We are trying to cut down on waste, get rid of palm oil, chemicals, pesticides, sugar, dies, GMO’s, and on and on and on…

So, that leaves us with one choice. Scratch cooking. Bulk shopping. A lot of learning new dishes and sauces. Research. Organic.

I’m happy to say we have started out with a bang. I have made that cake up there in the photo. It is Chef AJ’s black bean brownie. Made with beans, oats, cacao, date syrup (which I will also learn to make since it cost an arm and leg). It is good, intense, great for getting over the sugar hump.

This here in the rustic jar is homemade vegan butter by Miyoko Schinner. It is delicious and so easy to make!!

Just canola oil, coconut oil, salt, soy milk, lecithin.

Then I created a new bread. Sam calls it cake bread, I call it trail mix bread. I made the regular bread and substituted some white flour with wheat germ, wheat bran, mixed nuts, raisins, and cacao chips. It does have vegan butter and honey. It was ok, needs some work. I’m playing around with bread recipes instead of same old wheat and french.

Then we have the baked potatoes but then I remembered to fill the crock pot and make a huge batch because we go through the potato!

Just wash, poke and set on high for 4 to 6 hours. You can refrigerate and reheat for a loaded potato, fries, county pan potatoes, soup and so on.

I then made carrot dogs. OMG! What a yummy solution to those awful vegan dogs! I made homemade tortillas and with lots of mustard and ketchup it is the best thing. There is a little carrot taste you work through but they smell just like hot dogs and taste so good. I marinated them overnight.

Here are all the links to what I made. Also, get on my channel and click on Playlist. I am saving videos under ” Vegan Recipes”.

Molly wasn’t much help but was eager to sample most things. This is her after a long day of eating everything that dropped on the floor. The kitchen is her happy place.


  1. That bean brownie looks great. I need to start changing my cooking, “cause I’m still cooking the way my mother did in the 1950’s! And Miyoko Schinner butter rocks!


  2. Oh my goodness! It all sounds so delicious! I can’t wait to try these recipes. Molly is much too precious. Take care!


  3. I will be anxious to hear how to make Date Syrup! My daughter lives with her family in Dubai and whenever someone travels back and forth we get 2-3 bottles. It’s amazing stuff! I’m curious to see if it will be more inexpensive to make?


  4. Oh my goodness Kate, that bread looks yummy!! I think I’ll try making the vegan butter. You make it all round so easy.
    I think I’ll try the black bean brownies this weekend.
    I just love seeing your pics, makes me hungry!


  5. Wow! you have been a busy girl. The bread and the brownie looks so yummy. Well done Kate. And Molly is so adorable. Take care.


  6. I like the vegan pantry book. I just ordered make your groceries and more make your groceries . I had these book years ago. I had a strange thing happen I ordered the Thrifty cookbook which was my first cookbook off from Amazon. I opened it today. It was my cookbook with my notes in it. I had traded in a decade ago, move across country and it is back in my hands.


  7. Hi Kate! I adopted a wfpb diet on June 9/20 , so just about 4 months now and have lost 45lbs and feel great with tons of energy! Once you get past the detox process from sugar you won’t miss it at all. Everything tastes so good. Enjoy!


  8. I have never tried bean cake but chickpea cake is delicious, you can try it out. I m eating gluten free so this was tastiest cake sibstitute.

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  9. Black bean brownies are so good. Molly looks exactly like the dog I grew up with. Sending lots of love and blessings to all of you.


  10. Yes, it was hysterical because I also moved across the country since I did the big cookbook trade in. It was funny to see the little notes I had written in the margins about kid likes etc. , mods I had made etc.


  11. I asked the seller about they came into possession of this book. They said they had gotten it at the used bookstore I always went to in Maine on vacation a couple of months ago. I had this book when my first child was a toddler. I used it for years. I had written little notes about what the children had liked,vegan mods for myself.


  12. Yes, it was quite a surprise. I had gotten rid of it when I had changed over to ebooks. I still love my kindle, however, children need to be able to use physical cookbooks.


  13. I think it’s hard enough to cook regular non vegan/vegetarian dishes. I can’t even imagine having to come up with ideas…ok let me rephrase that… ideas that everyone will like. I admire your energy and attitude. I could easily be vegetarian, but vegan, no don’t think so. I love dairy way too much.

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  14. Sweet Molly. ♥️ Good job, Kate! The cooking looks really tasty and healthy. I want to try the black bean cake.


  15. It all looks so delicious, especially the cake. Never knew black beans could be used in such a way! Molly is so cute – she appears to be smiling 🙂


  16. That chocolate cake looks good and all the breads in the oven too! I cook potatoes only in the crockpot now. I think I learned it from one of your older videos. Then I can use them for scalloped potatoes, twice baked, diced and fried for breakfast with eggs, mashed, etc etc. It is so convenient “baking” them in the crockpot. I love seeing you experiment with your cooking. Hope you had a great weekend!


  17. I have been hearing about those carrot hotdogs for years and couldn’t get over the fact they were carrots. Hearing from you that they’re pretty good means I’m gonna have to at least give them a try because those hotdogs are pretty awful. That bean brownie is another thing I’ve wanted to try for a very long time. I’ve had a hard time getting into the vegan baking and cooking. I’ve always been a pretty good cook and always very good at baking but it’s easy when you can use eggs , oil and butter. But on a fat free vegan diet it’s not much fun to bake ! I did buy Chef AJ’s new book and I have her older book as well and I guess I’ll have to get them out and go through them. Thanks for the playlist, I will be checking that out!
    I appreciate you sharing what you’re making and letting us know what is good and what is not, that is really useful information!😁

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