Turning the big 50 and a fun weekend.

We all enjoyed a glorious three days of celebration around this big turning point. Sorry for the blurring photo. I’m trying to find my old digital camera with no luck despite all my cleaning and organizing.

We kicked off the day before with a new friend. She showed us a very charming old town. Everything was so bright and clear I kept thinking I had my sunglasses on. I told her I felt like we were in a technicolored film. The forest was so deep green and the sky so blue! Perhaps it was the week or so of smoke filled air that gave us a new sight.

It feels like your on vacation just being there. We collected lovely rocks and had Mexican food for lunch on the cafes patio. We stayed 5 hours! I love that I can “vacation” like this.

My birthday was spent cleaning my home thoroughly. I wanted to hire someone at first to clean it for me but as I cleaned deeper I found myself in such a ritual of cleansing and gratitude. Bali painted all the last rooms and wanted it done before my birthday as one of the gifts. Our home is so bright and charming filled with color. His second present were 5 crepe mertle trees with vibrant blossoms of deep red and grape colors.

The dogs had their first spa treatments and the boys had their forest coop school. I had time alone to clean and prepare.

That night we had dinner with our neighbors on the porch. Candle light and pizza, good music and conversation. The next morning I had an aunt and her sister visit for coffee. She brought coissants and quiche and we enjoyed that time. Later in the afternoon an old friend I’ve known since we were 15 years old visited with her family and we had so much fun until late last night.

I made vegan pizzas and a vegan cake. Actually, it was boxed cake that I veganized and made vegan butter cream frosting. It was a very ugly cake but delicious.

I am craving more and more fresh ingredients these days and that is a good thing since we are trying to get away from packaging, plastic, palm oil, sugar and pesticides (can the list get any longer!) I made my own tomato sauce from basil and tomatoes from our garden and some vegetables from our neighbors garden that she puts in a bucket and throws over the fence for us to enjoy. The sauce was wonderful and inspires me to make everything fresh from now on.

I don’t know what changed but all the sudden the canned things smell heavy and old. Over cooked or processed foods taste too dense and strange. I crave fresh, made from scratch…I don’t even enjoy left overs right now. Hormones I’m sure.

So, it was a wonderful time filled with friends and family. Right now we are headed to the forest to meet more friends and kids for a walk. I’m full in my soul and have lots of wonderful thoughts on life to share soon.


  1. Happy Birthday Kate, all the best on your special day 🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈I am really enjoying your blog and videos.
    I am in my early 60’s and recently retired . I find your blog inspires me with cleaning and organizing and getting rid of things. Thanks for coming back, love your work. 🙂

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  2. You might what to block Ellen smith. She is over at the bakery with her picture posted, so you know it is her. She is trying to bait people in disclosing where you live. Interesting, she is trying to drum up foot traffic to her blog over there.


  3. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo!!! My hubby and kids bought me coffee and a new Lama coffee cup 🙂 and my dear friends mailed me yarn


  4. Alright, well that is good. I’ve had many warnings and I don’t trust anyone over there, they are a cruel lot of women. I ask that if you do enjoy my work and have nothing against me, please don’t mention me at all. I have already been through hell with trolls and nasty people.

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  5. I am no longer on that site.Also Housefrau.. I posted my blog link as I thought it would be something fun to read , I am NOT monetized, I make no money off my blog, I started it after my MOM DIED, so IDGAF who reads it!!

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  6. Happy Birthday dear :)…..(i am english), sounds a wonderful few days with loved ones. Who doesnt love a plant present. Hubby just replanted my fairy roses as my hands are quite bad and they were loooking very sad. As a gift he got me some pink lavender too, such a comforting smellif not overpowering. I just cant keep house plants alive.
    I loved the youtube you did too. This idea of sharing ideas is lovely and very useful. The food looked fantastic and yummy.
    I enjoy a young gardener in Wales called Huw Richards on you tube, and a lady on ‘Thefairycottage’ , she tries to live a life slowly and intentionally. It’s so nice to keep the tech from invading the home but also the balance of usefulness and enjoyment. Take care x


  7. I can vouch that Ellen is a good woman. Her mom recently died and I think she got a little caught up in some of their crap but she was never blatantly cruel like so many of them are. She recently started a blog that is really nice. Right after the death of a loved one it is usual that you are not entirely yourself for a while. I think Ellen would find it much healthier and more healing to be part of this awesome community.I hope that we all embrace her with the caring and understanding she needs right now.


  8. That is very good to hear! It is toxic. This is a safe and kind community that will not change its colors on anyone. We support each other. Please stay among good people and don’t waste time in dark alleys and ghettos.

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  9. Isn’t that old gold town cute? Like walking through a time capsule.
    Happy birthday, Kate. The crepe myrtle trees are the best. They grow fast, but are not invasive, are drought-tolerant, and can take gardening abuse like no other tree. I planted 4 in my front yard. One is so small it’s merely a couple of sprigs yet it too bloomed. They are still blooming in late Sep, early October.


  10. I hope all is well with you. Every time I hear of a new fire pop up out there I think of you. I really wish is would rain on the west coast…on the east coast too for that matter. Here in Massachusetts is been really dry…pretty much all summer. My son, girlfriend and pup are leaving Portland in a few days to come east for the holidays…such a relief to know they will be breathing some fresh air for a while.

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  11. Another comment…ha ha. I LOVE to rearrange my house too…little things right up to furniture and it drives my husband bat s@#$ crazy. Guys don’t seem to get that if we think we can improve, clean or just make something look more normal or prettier we need to do it. Maybe not all women clearly, but since this pandemic started I have been feathering our nest. I’m pretty comfortable with it now, but I still have all the heavy fall cleaning to do…but I think things are where they will be staying for a while. I just use what I have and move it around. My latest was I took the broken top of what I think was a plant stand that used to be my parents. I grew up with it kept on the porch of our home. It was a plant stand until some how….boys?….was broken. It has sat on a shelf for more years than I can count. Was down there a few weeks ago and when I looked at it I thought…lazy susan! So I brought it upstairs cleaned it…yuck…and now it sits proudly on my kitchen table with a candle, honey, salt & paper and a marcrest (my collectible of choice thank you mom) sugar and creamer. It doesn’t spin yet, but some day it will.


  12. That was a beautiful 5 hour vacation. That is the kind of vacation I go for! And Mexican food…YUM!
    Again, Happy Birthday. You are a young 50 year old. 50 is the new 39! Here’s to another 50!

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  13. Happy FIVE ZERO!!!! 🙂 I’m totally with you on icky canned goods. I started gardening back in 1995. I’ll never go back unless I become debilitated and I sure hope I’m gone before that!

    Really enjoying your Blog here. (I didn’t know your prior site).


  14. Just wanted to say that I so appreciate your approach to the haters. That you just ignore them and keep doing what you love. I find it refreshing and powerful reminder. You inspired me in my own life yet again. I’m a people pleaser by nature and would’ve wasted loads of energy trying to clarify my statements and swaying the haters to not hate me anymore. Totally pointless efforts! Your approach in that your intentions are good and you are living your best life. They can do what they want, but you are true to yourself. Anywhooooo…I wanted to tell you how much you inspire me just by living your best life.


  15. Thank you, Melissa. Honestly, it is wearisome but they are relentless. They are also not living in joy or abundance. You can’t and be as they are. We are thriving, so in the end you see who has come out successful.


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