Books, movies, blogs, and channels that will comfort you during these times.

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So, let’s talk about all the things we do have and that are free!! I just went through my list of online things I pay for and canceled all of it. The Netflix,,,, and 365 Microsoft. I have a few months until some of it expires but there are free alternatives. They may not be the same but I’ve gotten used to the free goodies.

When we moved here the antenna didn’t work at all so I splurged and purchased a cheap Roku TV. What a fantastic thing it has become (once I figured out how to add channels). I have comedy, classics, yoga, cooking, kids channels, PBS, movies, sitcoms, and that is only the beginning. Why pay?

I’ve listened to all the lectures I desired from writers on Masterclass so I’m done with that, it was fun. But you can find lectures on YouTube or order books from authors on how to write. is interesting and I will listen to all the lectures I can before the month is up but I find great stuff on YouTube.

YouTube, a Roku TV, and then you have the blogs, the library…it feels like there isn’t enough time for all of it! I want to watch and read all day. But, alas, I have chores. is a delightful blog about an older couple that lives more old fashioned and simply. They have a small lot but grow all sorts of food. Legacy of Home is Mrs. Sharon Whites blog and I find it helps me slow down and embrace homemaking in a more ritualistic form. Down to Earth with Rhonda Hetzel teaches old fashioned and sustainable homemaking and frugality.

Books I’m reading right now are the Depression Era books I shared already and The Complete Tightwad Gazette, along with some books on being present by Zen monks.

Then we have How To Cook Your Life on VUDU and Peaceful Warrior, also on VUDU. This is for therapy. The book I’m working from is When Things Fall Apart; Heart Advice For Difficult Times by Pema Chodron. This is a book you take small bites of and ponder over tea and a chat with a friend or yourself. Perfect for this day and age.

For movies; Something’s Gotta Give, Titanic, Billy Elliot, Brides Maids, Julie & Julia…oh heck, I could go on forever, here is the 150 best feel goods. Sorry, classics aren’t listed so maybe you all could list a few of your favorites not on this list.

Here is my Goodreads list for some ideas, it dates back 6 years.

Today I added a pile of classic TV and movie channels to my Roku and I can’t wait to see what it has to offer. They used to have Warner Archives but ended that a couple years back. Cindi has mentioned many good movies in her replies, maybe she’ll give us a list or put one on her blog?

Another blog I enjoy is If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done. On the side of her blog she has list and list of other homemaking, homesteading, and frugal blogs…it’s like finding this wonderful library.

Today we took the boys and dogs for a walk in the nearby mini forest. I became aware that the lighting was rather bright and sunny. I looked up to be surprised and delighted by blue skies and real, white, fluffy clouds! It’s been so thick with smoke that it creeps down the street like fog. I just stopped looking at the sky. There was no wind or breeze…I have no idea when this happened?! I even had breakfast on the porch but had gotten so used to smoke that I just checked out I suppose.

And now it’s nice and cool so we can get back to long walks and having meals on the porch.

Please share books, movies, documentaries, blogs, channels and links of good stuff for all of us to enjoy.

Oh, almost forgot. Pro Home Cooks, great cooking channel. Used to be Brothers Green Eats.


  1. We have been enjoying the old twilight series in black and white in bed at night. We enjoy reading books at dinner. Little Women was a favorite this past winter. Peacock is a new freebie I have found. The only thing I do not care for about Peacock is it needs to be used on the computer.
    Movies I have loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A street car named Desire, Cat on a hot tin roof, Pretty in Pink, Casablanca, Little Women,The Great Gatsby,Mystic Pizza, Runaway Bride,overboard, footloose,purple rain, baby boom,moonstruck, dirty dancing, Hitch. Any movie that is based on a Tennessee Williams’s play.

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  2. I love to listen to podcast. Frugal Friends is a good one you may enjoy, but I love True Crime and listen to several of those podcast.
    Also, Drybar comedy has an app you can download for free and watch complete comedy specials. All our clean, with no foul language and it’s all completely free.
    I love the idea of us all sharing with each other!

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  3. I own Baby Boom also – reminds me of my own life, I moved to Vermont from New York, had my son the same age as Elizabeth-and experienced the same culture shock. But living this country life the past 33 years haS been the best thing that ever happened.

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  4. Wow! Thank you all. So many wonderful suggestions. We also have a Roku and I will have to look for new programs. On YouTube, I have enjoyed Roots and Refuge, Tennessee Crossroads, documentaries about the Amish and the Appalachian region and of course Kate’s videos. There is almost an endless amount to view.

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  5. The movie, The Iron Giant, is on the Roku Channel. It’s a cute movie I used to show children when I worked as a nanny. The boys might like it. I still do. 😉
    Thanks, Kate, for the suggestions of blogs, and books. Shine bright, Kate.

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  6. Hi, Lissy. For those sites that you can only watch on a computer, I have a cheap solution to that. For about $35 get a Chromecast, plug it into the back of your TV, then download the Chromecast app on your computer. You will then have a “cast” button on your bar at the top of your browser. Run the show on the computer, hit the “cast” button to cast it to your TV, and voila! Watch it on your TV. You can run shows from a PC, tablet, or even your phone (but it uses data). Hope that helps! I use it all the time. Rebecca

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  7. Thank you for these lists!
    One of my favorite blogs is I have been following Mary Moon for years. She’s a gardening, cooking, chicken-raising, grandma. She’s funny and real and philosophical and I love her.
    A podcast I love is Memory Palace by our friend Nate Dimeo. Nate tells lovely little stories of history that time forgot.

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  8. I love the Rich Roll podcasts. You can find most of them on YouTube. He’s a vegan triathlete who used to be an addict. Very inspirational stuff.

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  9. Kate, I have not added one channel to our Roku tv. Can you tell me some of your favorites? I also love the Down to Earth blog.
    Valerie in SC

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  10. Love this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I always used the library then got busy and out of the habit. One thing I do in my area is help run a site called Free Blessings. It’s kind of like Craig’s List in a sense. Everything is free. We even pick up for each other so we can conserve on gas. It has helped many of us save a lot. I’m now into pressure canning with jar sealer. Once I find one. They are sold out everywhere. I have done everything I could possibly think of to save except a solar generator and solar panels. Kate I have taken your advice and added water to shampoos and soaps. No one has noticed. I have purchased Dr Prepper’s Making the Best of Basics. Family Preparedness Handbook. I need to start reading 🤪

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  11. These all sound like great suggestions! Your previous post on Depression era living reminded me of a YouTube channel I enjoy called Great Depression Cooking. Clara, a grandmother and great-grandmother, tells stories of her growing up during that time period while she cooks the simple meals they ate. I found it really interesting to hear how things were back then.

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  12. Hi Kate. Thank you so much for the shout out.
    I wrote a whole post this morning dedicated to the great movies of the 30s, 40s and 50s I’ve been watching lately. They don’t make movies like these anymore. I have found them to be a great escape from our worldly chaos just as they helped the masses back in the days of The Great Depression and World War II. Here’s the link. Enjoy!

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  13. Lately I have been reading about and watching videos about the women whose husbands went off to war in WW2. I find them informative, comforting, and inspiring. Depression days were horrible, but in many ways I believe the war years were worse.I believe that lessons they learned as young girls and women during the Depression years helped prepare them for what was ahead
    Most mothers with children stayed at home, homemaking in the years prior.[and yes I know many did work] When the United States became involved in the war, there were huge changes on the homefront. Women who had previously stayed home, went to work, not only to bring in income, but because they felt it was their patriotic duty. And they would come home, make dinner, atttend to children, mend clothing, sew clothing, etc.

    Many of these women doing this did not even have running water or modern conveniences.

    Most of them also had “Victory Gardens.” These gardens produced on average 40% of all produce consumed in a household. The government encouraged owning chickens, raising rabbits for meat, etc. The government actually gave free lessons in canning, butchering and preserving food, [often donating seeds and supplies] classes on learning how to do the ‘men things” around the house, and classes on sewing as well.

    These women had to learn new ways of cooking because of the severity of food rationing. With a shortage of gas and oil, car clubs were started, though many women still needed to walk several miles each way to work. Cold children stayed warm by wearing extra, sometimes all of their clothing at once during the winter.

    And everyone lived every day in fear. Fear of that news that a husband, son, friend, or other loved one had died in the war. And that happened alot, and when it did, the other women in the community would bring over food, help with housework and the children.There was also the fear that Hitler would win.

    I have always appreciated the sacrfices made by so many men [and some women] of my fathers’ generation, but I never appreciated the often equally enormous sacrifices that their loved ones at homes made.

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  14. Thank you so much for sharing all that. I wonderful lesson in history and a service to the women that stayed home. It would be nice to see governments encourage backyard farming and raising of chickens again instead of making more paper money. Self sufficiency will be longer lasting of a solution.

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  15. Hi Kate. If you just want to watch Amazon movies, I think its $8.99 a month. However, I think they still have the 30 day free trial option, and if you hurry up along in a month, you can watch a lot of those movies for free. I’ve been known to do that with certain other streaming offers (like EPIX etc.) Other ways to get Amazon Videos for free are:

    5 Ways to Get Amazon Prime for Free

    Get a free trial. If you want to try Amazon Prime to see if it’s worth paying for a membership, sign up for a free 30-day trial. …
    Use free Amazon gift cards. …
    Use credit card rewards. …
    Switch cellphone plans. …
    Share an account using Amazon Household.

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  16. Yes, Clara’s book is sweet. I made the kids lavender mint snow cones for craft club today with veggie calzones. (my take on my recipes).

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  17. Here are a few good books:
    Recipies &Remebrances of the great Depression, Emily Thacker. She’s a great author with other frugal books. The vinegar book, Honey Book, Garclic book…all must haves for the frugally adventurous.
    Pearl’s of County Wisdom
    Pearl’s of Kitchen wisdom
    Pearl’s of Garden wisdom all by Deborah Tukua.
    AUNT SAMMY’S RADIO RECIPES By United States Bureau Of Human Nutrition And Home
    Back in the 90’s I enjoyed Frugal Families and Miserly Moms.
    Book by Alexandra Stoddard are great too. Not so much from a frugal standpoint but capturing the beauty of life.
    Money, Possessions and Enternity is a heady Christian book that will change how you feel about many things. I know it’s not for everyone but there are some very good points to consider for all who deal with money and stuff daily.

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  18. Hi Kate!!
    I have been watching a lot of Monty Don’s videos on Youtube!! He is an amazing gardener based in England, I am sure a lot of friends here on your blog know him. I have been watching Gardeners World 2020, lots of inspirational videos to watch. We also have Amazon Prime and Netflix, amazing movies to watch on Amazon Prime, I love watching lots of period films “Jane Austen” my favorite, have a great weekend Kate and family :0)

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  19. Oh yay!! I am so happy, I saw that on Youtube, don’t remember who it was, I just do it once a week and the longer you let it sit the better the banana’s get all mushy, it is so good for the plants, we also you the fish tank water, we cleaned out our 30 gallon fish tank and the dirty water is amazing for plants also “fish fertilizer” lol!!!

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  20. Oh my goodness!!! So I’d seen that you’d taken your YouTube channel down and then your blog, and I was super sad because I loved reading your thoughts every time you posted. So I was so, so excited to see you today (through your Goodreads profile, actually!) that you’re still blogging! It just made my heart happy ❤ So this is just to say that I’m glad to have found your content again, that I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with a lot of negativity from the online world, and that I, for one, appreciate exactly what YOU–exactly as you are–bring to the table. Now please excuse me while I go and read all the posts I missed 🙂

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  21. Thanks for sharing, my husband jokes I was born in the wrong era with my love of all the quaint oldies. Monty Don is a fav in tis house too especially with my 7 year old constantly trying the change my garden.

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  22. Kate – I first found your books, blog and channel in July. I am so glad that I “found” you again! Love your spirit and calm presence. I feel more centered and at peace reading and listening to you share your journey. I really enjoy the blog The Prudent Homemaker. She has an extensive garden and lives in the Las Vegas area. Every Monday she shares her family’s frugal accomplishments. Hundreds of readers respond in comments with what they did to save money as well. Very inspiring!

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