Redoing the pantry and stocking up on bulk and canned goods.

Soon I will be posting a video on my recent stocking up of the pantry. I found a new WinCo near us and the love has returned for this store due to it’s amazing bulk section and fantastic prices. It will also help me with a new goal of reducing our waste and plastic use. Everything I purchased was can, bulk, or cardboard. I was able to use paper bags and cardboard at check out and was informed I could use my bags there. Yeehaw!

Let me show you the before and afters of the pantry and kitchen. My neighbor, who had her own catering business for years, would often stand in my kitchen and stare at the mess. I could see her organizing wheels and ask for help. I felt stumped and unmotivated as to what to do with my mess of a kitchen. She was eager, thankfully.

With suggestions from her, Bali and I moved fridge and shelving around the night before and the next day the boys were in their co-op classes, my friend arrived with her apron and we went to work. The day after that I traveled in the smoke (not realizing how bad it would be) and stocked up on canned goods and bulk grains. 3 days and a night later I am done for the most part. Today I need to organize and finish straightening up.

Here is the pantry and all my buckets of dried goods is stored behind the fridge. It was hell to find things.

This still needs straightening and organizing but I can see everything and access my buckets.

My kitchen feels open and tidy now. I will tackle the main pantry today and take more photos.

I think I’ll do a montage of the house before and after for a video. I have cleared out so much stuff and redone the whole house at little cost. It just took an enormous purge, some painting, and a few items of Craigslist. Stay tuned! I’ll post a video Monday.


  1. Looking fantastic Kate. So happy I found you again. Long time viewer, but rarely comment. Love, love, love ALL your content. Kathy from Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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  2. Your neighbor saw your pantry with a fresh set of eyes. That was nice of her to help. Sometimes we get busy with other things in life and can’t see things. I was glad about the new Winco. Take care in the smoke. I am on the East Coast and have been seeing California on the News.

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  3. Hi Kate, I have pantry envy!!! 😁
    My kitchen is a long galley kitchen, with no fitted units apart frim the kitchen sink. The only place to store dry goods,tins ect is my under stair cupboard. I dream of a small kitchen extension one day to allow for such a store. Haha! Take care my friend πŸ€žπŸ™

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  4. Hi Lisa, sorry, I’m rarely on here anymore and just saw this. I don’t have a link. Just type in Azure Standard and make sure they deliver to your area. πŸ™‚


  5. Kate, don’t know how else to get in touch with you! to ask if you would like me to send to you the book that you mentioned in one of your free ebooks (that I read last night). Sidetracked Home Executives. I have an old copy, read it many years ago and kept it because I liked it. I’m happy to share with you if you want it. don’t want to spend the money to send it if you already got it or if you don’t want it. thanks for letting me know. vicky


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