Books, books, books, and all free or .99 cents!

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Hi everyone! We have been without internet for 3 days and after the itch of addiction subsided, we got busy. It’s been a very productive 3 days.

Thank you all for the love and support in all matters, I’m so happy to see most of you have found the blog and channel and I feel the joy returning to my work. I have some fun ideas to share about the homemaking, decorating on a budget, stocking the pantry, writing a novel in a month, and how to get your garden ready for next Spring. I posted on the channel last night and in a few days I have some good fun as I am redoing my kitchen and pantry and did a large stock up of bulk foods and canned goods. Coming soon!

In the meantime, California is on fire, fire, fire. I am so upset about the forest but perhaps it’s a Universal cleansing, Mother Earth is doing some purging herself. Who knows, I just keep the windows closed, the air purifier on, and a bag packed and all the things we will need if we have to evacuate.

Make sure and get what is called “Reverse 911” on your cell phones. This is how the town will alert you to situations and keep the local channels or radio on.

So, turning half a century here and I’m loving it. I know we have fires and thick smoke, still have the corona and political drama…but I have had the best talks with strangers in the grocery store over the last few days. My joy and energy has returned and, despite the worries over nature and the future for us all, I feel like it will all work out for the best in the end.

For my birthday I feel like just continuing the inner journey and outer work of getting the home in order. I may have a little gathering with friends that don’t mind socializing right now. I may find a lamp or two for the living room as the house is very dark when overcast with smoke and I’m realizing winter may make for a dark house.

I don’t want or need anything (I’m still getting rid of things). What I would like to do is thank all of you by giving away a pile of ebooks all month. Go on Amazon and you will find my author site and most of the ebooks will be free or . 99 cents. Each book is up for the taking for five days and then the next five days will feature a new set and so on until the end of the month.

This will start this morning. Here is one of many books.

Remember, stay off the news, start your morning with brewing coffee, candles, and a good book or music.

46 thoughts on “Books, books, books, and all free or .99 cents!

  1. I love your books, gonna do me some reading right after this! I am hoping that you and your family, neighbours will not have to evacuate. Love love your enthusiasm and turning 50 if for me turning 50 is like Kate, than yes! Bring it!

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  2. Turning 50 was wonderful for me, I hope you have the same experience. Thank you for your books, they are easy to read and very informative. I hope you all stay safe and are all well.

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  3. Great advice! Donโ€™t let the news panic you, but be prepared. You have the family โ€œbug outโ€ bag ready to go just in case, but I sincerely hope you will not have to use it. Thank you for generously sharing your books. I have read two so far, and they have given me a lot of great ideas on creating a cozy, inviting home, and they are uplifting to read.

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  4. Oooh! Thank you for the books. I don’t have a Kindle or anything similar to read them on, but didn’t you once say in one of your old vlogs that Amazon has a way to read them on their site (or something like that)? I’ll have to try that out. Those fires are horrific! Please stay safe. Happy Birthday!

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  5. I hope you have a lovely birthday! The brain fog clears up after a while – I’m 56 and it’s just now starting to leave. My 50s have been wonderful so far, I finally decided to not put up with certain things. My grandma told me that 60 was where it was at, that was when she finally started not filtering her conversations to appease the other person(s).

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  6. The fires in CA, OR and WA are heartbreaking. I feel for all those people who lost their homes. Saw footage of animals running for their lives, that was so sad and the devastation of the magnificent trees was too much to bear. I pray for your safety.

    Thank you for the generous offer of your books. Turning 50 for me was memorable. That same year we also celeberated our 25 th wedding anniversary and our son’s graduation from college. It was in the same month too. So it was a triple milestone celebration. Happy Birthday Kate. Take care, stay safe.

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    1. Happy birthday Kate! May you continue to discover loads of love, peace and humor for the next 50 years! Oh, and coffee, lots and lots of coffee ๐Ÿฅฐ โ˜•๏ธ Love you!

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  7. The fires are devastating. We’re near the Bobcat Fire and the smoky air leaves everything outside an orange color that feels like twilight all day long. It will end. Everything will change. Just have to see it through. Thank you for the books!


  8. Boy, I sure hope you donโ€™t have to evacuate! Thinking of you here. I will have to see what books of yours, I donโ€™t already have! Happy Birthday too! Celebrate good timesโ€ฆ..come on! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

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  9. Kate, thank you for the wonderful book offer!!! I have a couple books already that I love referencing back too. So happy your back! Really enjoying the channel and blog!!! Canโ€™t tell you how much Iโ€™m loving all the wonderful healing topics and really looking forward to home topics to come!! Itโ€™s such a positive experience reading your posts and everyone here on your blog. Youโ€™ve been so therapeutic for us!! Have safe and happy weekend!!

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  10. Now you tell me! I bought some of your books already (at $3.49!) because I missed you so much. Your books were the next best thing. Anyway, I just downloaded a few free books of yours and thank you so much!
    Happy Birthday. I’m right behind you BUT I’m turning 70 and I can’t believe it!! I still feel like a 35 year old! Enjoy your 50s. Mine were very productive and thoroughly enjoyable. Ditto for my 60s. Who knew? It turns out to be our best years are still to come!
    Thank you for coming back to all of us.

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      1. Thanks Kate. I am either using my iPhone or iPad and I’m busy, busy reading your lovely books. Can’t wait to read your fiction! Thanks again!


  11. Kate, so happy you are back with renewed energy and excitement. Sounds like LM will have a good life, so you should feel proud of the life you gave her when you were her surrogate mommy. I think Arjan and Sam will be happy to have more of your attention. Happy big 5-0!! Thanks for the good reads!!


  12. Happy Birthday! Mine is Monday. Fall is such a great time to have a birthday. It’s always the ending of one season and beginning of another and a time of preparation for yet another that will give us some rest. Do you get the awesome colors of Autumn where you now live?


      1. Maybe when the fires stop that would be a nice field trip for your family to drive further North to see the changing colors. To me it’s one of those breathtaking things that we should all experience as much as possible. We usually get beautiful colors here and I’m excited to see them. But this year we have had a lot of rain so everything is still pretty green right now.


  13. Very kind of you, in England we are down to gatherings ofa mx of 6 people come Monday. Although we have onlyseen a family at a time in the garden, most of our friends have at least 2 kids. So no more garden lunches and lots more reading.

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