Cleaning the home, cleaning the mind.

Good morning to you all! Bali and I have been very busy working on the house, from fixing all the bamboo flooring to painting the last of the rooms to continuing the processes of letting things go so others can enjoy them.

I have to do a deep clean this week and I was inspired by a local cleaning company. I was thinking a deep cleaning would be an excellent gift to myself for my 50th, but just thinking of the cost after reading their long web page encouraged me to do it myself.

The company sounded amazing, actually, it was a private, small business with house cleaners that took great pride in their work. They didn’t wear the Molly Maid type uniforms, just casual tshirts and jeans and they used words like ‘sparkle’ and ‘scrubbed spotless’. The reviews were glowing. I would hire them just to see what and how they do this fantastic house cleaning. I am in need of inspiration.

When you’ve been housecleaning for years, there is a luster lost over time. I used to clean houses for money as well. I always loved the most filthy home as it was so satisfying when the job was accomplished. There was no real reward in cleaning the clean house. I was a house cleaner during a very large life change and I worked through a lot of issues and old hurts as I scoured tubs and washed floors.

In The Art of Simple Living, by Shunmyo Masuno, he writes;

When someone criticizes us, we immediately feel wounded. When something unpleasant happens, we cannot get it out of our head. What can we do to bounce back? One way to strengthen the mind is through cleaning. When we clean, we use both our head and our body.

While what we learn from expending mental effort may be important, what our body learns from physical labor has a greater effect on mental strength.

Towards the end of the writing he adds;

When we work hard with our head , heart, and body, we cannot help but grow stronger.

And this is what we have been doing. Working to create a lovely space. I found that things were getting weird in my world. I felt tired and heavy of heart. I wasn’t surprised as I had begun a journey of purging and transforming my home and my inner self. When you do that you best prepare yourself for a journey that can be both exciting and frightening. We have to go through the storm to get to the other side of it. We have to embrace the dark as well as the light, the weeping as well as the laughter. There is no change or growth with perfect seasons.

So, things happened. We began fostering. I became weary of the strange things on cyber space and dealing with nastiness on my channels. I had begun a huge purging that appeared to be physical and the removing of solid obstacles such as couches and clothes, however, it was a deep, emotional cleansing. Everything that happened seemed to trigger old memories and pains.

I got on a roll with it. I dumped boxes of old photos that made my heart heart and stomach clench from the memories. I took old furniture I had from my childhood and put it on the street, clothes that I felt sloppy in, paintings that didn’t move me. As the house became lighter and more airy, I was forced to go deeper. Then I purged my blog, my channel, an old blog…I was on a roll. I may regret being so thorough in time, but right now it just feels like I want to be free of the old things and create anew.

The more I let go of, the more my spirits lift. The Universe continues to bring me experiences to awaken old feelings that need to be looked at and healed. I am in a state of surrender and release. The healing is very deep.

I go through this at every turn of a decade. I changed so much between 30 and 40, I was almost a completely different person at the end of that decade. The heaviest change was the last couple years before I turned 40. Today at 50, my life and my person is nothing like when I started out in this decade. The real intense shifts occur toward the last year or two.

I look at life like this, people pass on in their 50’s. In my 40’s I felt like I had decades, now I’m looking at a good 20 to 25 years of active life…if I really change the way I do things I could get another possible 10 years. This may sound morbid, but it really just wakes a person up to their life. It makes a person think hard on how they want to spend the next 10…20…30 years.

And then life becomes precious. It has a new meaning. It isn’t to be wasted. It is to be enjoyed and savored.

Fortunately, I have a life that was created in my 40’s that I love. I have young children, a writing career, a channel, a good husband, a solid house, some land. All these things will give me years of creative work.

And so, through the purging and cleaning, answers come, problems are resolved, and peace is made. I continue to spend quiet time going within, but more and more I’m working on silence. Letting the poor mind rest and renew.

I clean my house, I clean my mind. I am now preparing for the next decade before me.


  1. Looking at the photo of the spare room, I think the other walls painted that green like your hall would look very nice. Use the orange wall as accent wall.

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  2. Happy birthday. The orange could work as an accent wall. I had a rental property once with a kitchen that color. After that , I always wanted white. We have taupe right now. Today, we are headed to forest to get trees to transplant. We had success getting one to take root and grow. There is nothing like a clean, fresh space.

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  3. Happy Birthday, dear Kate. I hope it is fabulous and you have many years to come. This post was in depth and brilliant. My mother always told me that cleaning was therapy.

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  4. I come from a long line of cleaning ladies. When S hits the fan, I am compelled to clean and pass things along to those that might use them. It really is therapy. I turn 56 next week and I understand the mortality thoughts. Not morbid, so much as practical. The colors on your walls are so happy. xo

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  5. I agree. Purging and cleaning can be spiritually uplifting. I really have been enjoying getting a new lease on life (and I am 65).


  6. Happy Birthday Kate! I turned 50 last week and have had very similar thoughts flowing through my head. I, too, have looked back at the changes I’ve made to my life and am thankful that I’ve grown so much. I want to really live what’s left of my life and be satisfied. Two years ago I concocted a “12 months to change your life” challenge where I selected one habit per month that I wanted to focus on (i.e. letting go of regrets, taking care of myself, getting out of my comfort zone, etc.). I really learned a lot about myself.

    I’ve been purging the last couple of years and almost have our home to where I want it to be (although my husband is still hanging on to a lot but I’ve learned to let his things be and not think about it…) – simple and filled only with what I truly love. It certainly is a lot more frugal living this way!

    I’ve gone back and forth with plant-based as well over the past 3 years and after losing my mother last year to an incredibly rare and awful cancer, my gut told me that I need to be plant-based for health reasons. Although I do use oils and sugars on occasion, it is now very rare. Other then those 2 minor occasional “treats”, I stick to the parameters of plant-based.

    I wanted to let you know how truly much I enjoy your blog (now and the previous), your you tube channel (both new and old), and your books. You are inspiring and I so appreciate that you write how you speak – authentically. I know how time consuming they are and I’m so happy and appreciative you are continuing with both!

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  7. Happy Birthday Kate!!!! Just ordered one of your books – looking forward to reading it. Your beautiful colours on your walls look amazing. Choosing to focus on silence and being present – the wide world is just too much right now, and the way to change it is to make our own little corner a place of peace and inspiration, and you help us to remember this. Enjoy your day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Cleaning and weeding (which is really nothing more than cleaning the garden) are my go-tos when I’m upset or stressed.

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  9. Kate, I especially enjoyed your post today. Turned 50 last month, have really been looking back at the paths Iโ€™ve taken, fortunately been blessed with a wonderful family. Youโ€™ve really touched topics on life moving forward. I feel wiser, try living healthier but feel a thirst for more knowledge!! Life can be so good, we need to create and manifest the life we want. You really have opened my eyes to that. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Month!!!๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฅณ

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  10. I’m turning 70 in 2.5 months. I clean I vacuum sometimes twice a day (we have a shedding dog) I have a cleaning list that MUST be done daily otherwise the work builds up and I can’t catch up. I’m like a postal worker: through rain, sleet, snow, ice and the flu….I’m cleaning. At least 2 hours every day. BUT…..I will admit to this, I can’t deep clean like I used to. UGH! I’m getting by. There are no dust bunnies or cobwebs. I would love to have a cleaning crew but financially it’s not possible. Thankfully hubby helps out. He does the dishes, the laundry, some gardening and now I have him scrubbing the tub. I’m still able to wash down our wood floors (we live in 1120 sq ft, 4 room house) and I do a mean, kitchen clean up every night after dinner, BUT I’m getting tired. I’m so afraid to let go. I have a fear of getting older and having my home show my age….if you know what I mean.
    Oh well. I still put on disco songs from the 70s and dance and clean away. It’s still the best part of my day. I love a clean, clutter free home (esp a clean kitchen and bath!) And I adore clean sheets on my bed. It’s divine!

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  11. Very Happy Birthday Kate!!!! How beautiful of you to share parts of your journey with us. Sending you well wishes of health, prosperity, goodness, and happiness.


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  12. Happy Birthday! I was stacking firewood in the 96 degree heat that we want to get done before tommorrows big snowstorm [ i know, right]but it was just too hot for me to do anymore. Came inside, refilled my iced tea, and plopped in front of the fan. Checked online, saw and read your post.

    I had not been planning to stack any more wood, bbut after reading your blog today, I was inspired to go outside again and finish [well, almost finish] the job. Today, as is often the case, your blog was exactly what I needed to hear.

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  13. Your 12 month challenge is a brilliant idea!! What a wonderful way to work through change. We are working on similar things. I feel I need to stick to the plant based more than ever now. I love sharing with all of you.

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  14. Cindi, I hear you. I had to spend 3 weeks in bed when I was ill this summer. It was so hard to give up control over cleaning. I like things just so. I had to mentally tell myself that I was not going to freak out when I was allowed to come out. WE live in a dusty area, so I have to do a full clean twice a week. My illness was the best way to learn to give up how perfect I have to have things. My oldest daughter would call and ask me how I was handling my husband handling everything. In all honesty, I was so thankful he took of me, our home and the tweens. You should be proud that you are able to do all you do. Thanks for sharing this.

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  15. Happy Birthday Kate! Glad to see another post from you. I also watched your newest vlog. It was so good to see you again. I don’t comment on YT, just here and wanted you to know I enjoyed it.

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  16. Happy 50th, Kate! I read once that “40 is the old age of youth; 50 is the youth of old age.” There is a freeing feeling of turning 50; I can’t quite explain itl Hope your birthday is fantastic!


  17. I don’t like to keep a lot of junk in the house, I either sell it, or gift it in return of a small thank you, like a chocolate or whatever. The only thinkg I like to keep as decor are plants and two paintings in the living room. I actually would like to give away anything that does not give me joy. Does my husband approve? Only if I sell it. So I never buy things that don’t spark joy in me because else I am stuck with them till I manage to sell them. Right now the only thing I buy when I am in shopping decor mood is either a fresh flower or pumpkin, etc.

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  18. Happiest birthday ever, Miss Kate! Love reading your comforting words. So nice We can support and build each other up on your Blog/Vlog! I think we are all craving comfort, simplicity, and positive energy. We are not alone. ๐Ÿ˜Š We are scraping kitchen cupboard doors and I think of you. Making do with what we have and appreciating it. โค๏ธ

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  19. A very Happy Birthday, Kate. I’m digging the orange wall. I’ll live vicariously through you since orange walls are not encouraged here where I rent. Shine bright, Kate, shine bright.

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  20. Happy Birthday sweet Kate!!!
    I will be turning 51 the end of October and let me tell you turning 50 really was a changing point in my life, both physically and emotionally. Things hurt a lot more these days but as long as I keep moving everyday even if it is just pulling weeds in the garden and taking a walk I am ok. I really get a lot of inspiration from reading your blog and watching your videos Kate, hope you have a wonderful day :0)

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  21. Happy Birthday!! I too cleaned houses and just retired from it-Iโ€™m 60. I loved it-so therapeutic!! When Iโ€™m perplexed or downtrodden, cleaning and purging are my go toโ€™s to clear my mind! As I get older the energy and zest for it isnโ€™t what it used to be, but thatโ€™s ok!! Iโ€™m rambling-but enjoy the next phase!!

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    Hope you had a fab day Hun ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—

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  23. ๐Ÿ’Happy Birthday my dear friend!๐Ÿ’
    I am now 53 & same has happened. I had the same thoughts….”hmm, if I live to avg life expectancy I have 30 yrs left maybe less maybe longer.” What has happened 20 yrs ago seems not that long ago. Scary thought, how fast a decade goes by!!! Definitely gets you thinking how you want to spend what short time you have left.

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  24. Sometimes, I read or listen to you and it’s like hearing a younger version of myself. I had my last child at 34 so I was parenting as I went through periomenopause. I noticed a shift happening with me, though I’d been a work in progress for years by that point, at about age 50. At first it consisted of grieving for what wasn’t going to be, what I was never going to be able to do a makeover of (childhood, teen years, etc.) and then it was a sense of waiting…but I had no idea for what. Now at 60 I am more satisfied overall. And yes, the dwindling down of years does factor in. My family is long lived and so I may possibly be looking at 90, so there’s time yet, maybe. But I realize at this age that there are things I’m never going to be able to do unless I do it in the next 10-15 years. After that I’m likely going to hitting the aging years for real. I see in the paper every week, small a town as we are, people who are dying at 50 and 60. We’ve had friends pass this year who weren’t even 60, watched long term marriages end in death, not divorce. So I’m becoming very very aware that I must live mindfully and make good choices about what I allow in my life, what I put out of my life, what I will do and what I won’t.
    Oh gracious! You’ve got my mind really working.
    What I really came to say, and remember NOW is that I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, a blessed peaceful grounding sort of year ahead, provision of all your needs and an increasing certainty of being in the right place at the right time, doing the right things, in your life. HUGS.

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