Spending time nesting and creating.

Hello to everyone! Life has slowed down considerably since getting off media once again. I tell you, it’s addictive to be on the laptop clickety clacking away, searching and researching. And that YouTube, oh my, how it sucks you right in. I’ve put off making videos for now until things at home settle in and I’m inspired again.

But I tell you, I actually took our two household laptops and both TV remotes and put them in the closet for a few days to see what would happen. I only checked email and my bank. We only played music.

What happened was a lot of time opened up, creativity began to flow, my family and I spent our days working, playing, connecting, talking, building things…

Here are the before and afters of a couple painting projects over the weekend.

We had a bit more paint left over from the old house, the shop, and a friend. I mixed away and, fortunately, we created some good colors and did our room and hall. Bali has also fixed all the bamboo flooring. Some of you recall that the handyman and his crew put in the floors and painted the whole house. It was a schlocky job and the floors had huge gaps in them throughout the house. Gaps large enough for many, many legos to become lodged in the cracks. I was irritated every time I looked down. But Bali fixed the whole house and the floors now look like beautiful bamboo floors. They are so lovely that I was inspired to roll up most of the carpets and purchased some colorful, small rag rugs at the crafts store 3 for $15 and put those along side the beds.

I’m still purging and cleaning away. I know it has to be easier than this to rid ones home of all the extra stuff, however, after the initial and grand purging, I just do a bag or box here and there. In my mind I have a vision but it’s still blurry.

This time has been so sweet and quiet. We are enjoying good food, long walks, and reading like crazy.

I’ve been getting to bed so early that I rise around 5 am and read books I’d set aside long ago. Bali brought us a huge bag of books from the library yesterday and I’ve been reading into the night and by candlelight in the morning.

I’m finding the old delights of being present each day, having good talks with my children on our walks, playing with Molly and giving attention to my elder dogs, relishing my books, pondering life, making delicious foods…

I even listen to the local radio because we aren’t turning on the TV for Pandora. It’s like going back in time before cell phones and internet. I listen to Delilah and all the old 80’s songs. All the doors and windows are open letting in sunshine and fresh air and I focus on deep cleaning and setting up the kitchen in ways that make it easier and more pleasant to work. I just keep playing with my old house.

The other morning I was up before the sun, brewing coffee and reading A Year WithOut The Grocery Store, with my candles glowing. There was a ruckus outside and I let the dogs out to investigate but they charge out there like a pack of hounds on the hunt. I followed them out to the back of the yard to make sure they didn’t go after a neighbors cat. I’m truly a cat person but I have zero cats and a herd of dogs.

As I walked back to the kitchen I looked up to see a full, deep golden moon behind a tall sequoia. It was a sight. I stood there in the cool morning, still dark and quiet, with such beauty before me. I realized that normally I would be inside at the computer editing, writing, doing work.

I’m checking in to let you all know that I’ll be back soon, that we are just enjoying family life and to share my experience so far unplugged, because it is so enjoyable. It is truly a time of reflection and decision making.

When I return I have many fun and inspiring things to share; books, ideas on stocking up the pantry for everyone, budgeting with half the income, life off line…

53 thoughts on “Spending time nesting and creating.

  1. Sounds perfect. I am tempted to do the same. I have two close friends with whom I chat in messenger daily and with this isolation I would miss them terribly.

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  2. Love the colors. Yesterday we canceled Netflix. We have been on antenna for about a year now. I found a Popcornflix. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. I am an administrator for a Facebook group in my area. Everything is free. It’s been a blessing the things I’ve received and to watch others in need receive everything for free. I’m happy to read your putting your energy in the right places and leaving the negativity to take itself out. Take care 😘

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  3. So nice to hear from you Kate. I love the colors of your bedroom and the hallway. It is so cheerful. It is a happy home. It shows. Thank you for this blog. Eagerly awaiting your next post. Take care.

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  4. Great new colors! What a relaxing and productive time you are having. Always love to hear about what you are up to, and the latest things you are thinking about. You have a unique way of writing and saying things 😊

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  5. Sounds like the old Kate we know and love is back❤️ Beautifully written and filled with love and gratitude. Keep resting up! Oh, and the seafoam green! To die for😍

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  6. The paint colors are beautiful! They really look like Kate and family live there. 😉 You “sound” rested, and it was so nice to see you back even if just for a moment. Enjoy your time away. Can’t wait for you to come back again when you are ready.

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  7. I’m so glad you’re doing well. I am finding myself engaging in so many more activities every day, in large part because of you.

    I love the walls. I also love color, but so often the “after” I wind up with is never as nice as the one I was envisioning. You, though, truly have a gift in that area.

    Since you do so well with colors I feel halfway tempted to ask you to have us all send you pictures of ourselves in just a white t-shirt and you can advise us on what colors would best suit us. Of course I am kidding…somewhat.

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    1. Vicky3vicky Do you remember the old book from the 80’s Color me beautiful? It told you if you were a spring or summer?


  8. Your house is looking beautiful. I love that seafoam green in the hallway. All my life I thought I was a dog person all of my life until around 8 years ago I got a cat. One of the first things I noticed is how calm my cat made me feel. I never realized what wonderful creatures they are. What was the ruckus?

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  9. Hi Kate, I’m so glad you’re back!! I was going through withdrawal :). I’ve learned so much from your blog and channel and have incorporated a lot of your suggestions into my life. For example, I have a budget for every month now. I tithe 10% of my earnings, I really put my intentions out there with the faith that they will manifest, and my frugal life is really starting to pay off. Oh, I almost always cook from scratch now, and I have a full pantry!! I am so blessed!! My son is grown and I have a granddaughter, so my child-rearing days are over. It’s just me now, but I’m enjoying my frugal and pleasant life. Thanks for coming back. I always learn so much from you.


  10. Hi! Kate,

    Thanks for checking in and giving us a lovely update. The painting looks so fresh and clean and I love the colors that you created. Enjoy your time spent with family, reading and experiencing new adventures. I am a 4K teacher at a private school, and I have been busy creating a safe and inviting environment for my little class. I look forward to your posts and videos in the future. Sending love and prayers from New Jersey. 💕🙏


  11. Love the colors Kate!!! Loved reading about what’s going on up in your neck of the woods, have a great weekend Kate and family :0)


  12. Glad to see your post – thank you. Life sounds lovely. I did that yesterday morning, I go out before sunrise to feed the outdoor cats and I just sat down and ABSORBED everything. The quiet, the moon, the bird songs, the crickets, the breeze – it was heavenly.
    The paint looks great. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


  13. I was so excited to see another post from you Kate! I sense you are beginning to heal. Take your time. Though I want to say I have learned from you even in your break. You have shown us the damage being online can do and it has made me realize that I need to change as well. It is so easy to get sucked into! There are so many more things I want to spend my day doing….reading my Bible and pile of books in peace, time to take a walk for my health, a clean and well run home including good, nutritious meals, sewing, knitting and spending quality time with my loved ones. The internet is a huge time sucker. So thank you for sharing your struggles and needing to be silent with us.


  14. Hi dear Kate! So glad to get an update from you. I love the colors in your bedroom and hallway. I love color in houses, it just brings in such happiness! Yes…..YT can be addicting. I have been trying to stay away from media too and have been reading many many books! Keep resting and nesting! Hugs!


  15. Dear Kate, i am also revigorating at the sea, living in a big tent in a camping park with electricity and some appliances so i can have a minimum comfort, but I feel so vibrant to be away from all the noise of life, and living next to the ocean and surrounded by nature, i just feel the emotions here are so good that i just think of buying a trailer and staying resident here, so i am always in balance because i do feel i belong here, i am more happy in a tent here, than with all the comfort elsewhere! I will paciently for you as I take time to think as well in my priorities and what really makes me happy!


  16. I am intrigued by you mixing paint colors. You have got to do a little write up on that. I swear, I never thought about doing that. To think of all the wasted partial cans of paint over the years….

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  17. I love seeing your warm and cozy home, and what a dream to have so much nature all around you. So happy to see your getting some well needed quiet time! Thank you Kate for sharing with us. 🌻🌞😊


    1. Your home is looking more like Kate. I love it. Bali is a treasure. It sounds like your level of peace is growing. We love you!


  18. You sound fantastic! It was a good, positive blog and I loved every word. So glad the cooler weather is here and we can open our windows and ditch the AC. Also, we are supposed to have a bit of snow Tuesday and I can’t wait. Happy to hear you are well on the mend!

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  19. I *LOVE* A Year Without the Grocery Store! I read that a couple of years ago, lots of good information there, hope you enjoy it as well! Your house looks great, nice work! 💞


  20. Sounds delightful. Having moved everything to my laptop, I find I don’t stop to look at my phoe and with hubby working from home, the only person is my mummy who rings me. I look forward to seeing your content in the future but it has encoraged me separate from the online world. Now enjoy tea in a teacup with Endivia ludovico on in the background with my candles on and painting. Loving the colours on the walls. Blessings.


  21. Beautiful post! I’ve been taking more time out myself to just be and enjoy instead of getting sucked into the latest video/gadget/distraction. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my household who’s interested in changing habits, so often I’ll be the only one present in a sea of people looking down at their phones or laptops. Or I’m the only one who wants to go outside and sit instead of being inside watching tv. It’s a little lonely being the only one hungry for a less connected life, but at least my pets appreciate it even if my family doesn’t.

    I adore your paint colors, especially the hallway. I so love colorful homes. You just don’t see that anymore. So much cozier than neutral colors.

    I hope you guys are staying safe with all the fires. I’m keeping you all in my thoughts.


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