Spending time nesting and creating.

Hello to everyone! Life has slowed down considerably since getting off media once again. I tell you, it’s addictive to be on the laptop clickety clacking away, searching and researching. And that YouTube, oh my, how it sucks you right in. I’ve put off making videos for now until things at home settle in and I’m inspired again.

But I tell you, I actually took our two household laptops and both TV remotes and put them in the closet for a few days to see what would happen. I only checked email and my bank. We only played music.

What happened was a lot of time opened up, creativity began to flow, my family and I spent our days working, playing, connecting, talking, building things…

Here are the before and afters of a couple painting projects over the weekend.

We had a bit more paint left over from the old house, the shop, and a friend. I mixed away and, fortunately, we created some good colors and did our room and hall. Bali has also fixed all the bamboo flooring. Some of you recall that the handyman and his crew put in the floors and painted the whole house. It was a schlocky job and the floors had huge gaps in them throughout the house. Gaps large enough for many, many legos to become lodged in the cracks. I was irritated every time I looked down. But Bali fixed the whole house and the floors now look like beautiful bamboo floors. They are so lovely that I was inspired to roll up most of the carpets and purchased some colorful, small rag rugs at the crafts store 3 for $15 and put those along side the beds.

I’m still purging and cleaning away. I know it has to be easier than this to rid ones home of all the extra stuff, however, after the initial and grand purging, I just do a bag or box here and there. In my mind I have a vision but it’s still blurry.

This time has been so sweet and quiet. We are enjoying good food, long walks, and reading like crazy.

I’ve been getting to bed so early that I rise around 5 am and read books I’d set aside long ago. Bali brought us a huge bag of books from the library yesterday and I’ve been reading into the night and by candlelight in the morning.

I’m finding the old delights of being present each day, having good talks with my children on our walks, playing with Molly and giving attention to my elder dogs, relishing my books, pondering life, making delicious foods…

I even listen to the local radio because we aren’t turning on the TV for Pandora. It’s like going back in time before cell phones and internet. I listen to Delilah and all the old 80’s songs. All the doors and windows are open letting in sunshine and fresh air and I focus on deep cleaning and setting up the kitchen in ways that make it easier and more pleasant to work. I just keep playing with my old house.

The other morning I was up before the sun, brewing coffee and reading A Year WithOut The Grocery Store, with my candles glowing. There was a ruckus outside and I let the dogs out to investigate but they charge out there like a pack of hounds on the hunt. I followed them out to the back of the yard to make sure they didn’t go after a neighbors cat. I’m truly a cat person but I have zero cats and a herd of dogs.

As I walked back to the kitchen I looked up to see a full, deep golden moon behind a tall sequoia. It was a sight. I stood there in the cool morning, still dark and quiet, with such beauty before me. I realized that normally I would be inside at the computer editing, writing, doing work.

I’m checking in to let you all know that I’ll be back soon, that we are just enjoying family life and to share my experience so far unplugged, because it is so enjoyable. It is truly a time of reflection and decision making.

When I return I have many fun and inspiring things to share; books, ideas on stocking up the pantry for everyone, budgeting with half the income, life off line…


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