Ok, here is what will happen.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on Pexels.com

Coffee chat time. Alright, I have to post this as there are now so many comments it will take me all day to respond and I have chores, people!

I have been harassed for years. Nasty reviews, trolls, creepy crawlies. This is a part of YouTube and being a writer. The good does outweigh the bad and that is what keeps us going. The weirdos are a handful but they are like crazy venomous snakes that keep at it.

I should never have gone on that site and I never will again. If they want to waste precious hours of life dissecting and criticizing others instead of creating good things to inspire others and societal solutions…so be it.

As for me, I have a thick skin. The first few times were unsettling, after awhile you ignore it. Then you laugh because some of the nasty comments are so stupid. I had one person refer to my “puppet lined mouth” I had to ponder that for a minute. One woman said a book of mine was a waste of two hours of life and then proceeded to take another hour of her life to dissect and complain about every chapter. Another women said my sobriety book would make one want to drink.

I actually find some of these comments and insults humorous.

But right now I’m tired, tired, tired. I have things to deal with at home. Fostering is sucking the life out of me. I’m entering my “second Spring” as the Chinese say, and I need to just focus on one particle at a time.

I will not take any of my blog or YouTube down. I will not disappear (well, for a little bit). I will not stop sharing because of a handful of twits that are obsessed with me.

However, I do need a long vacation. I have a stack of novels that need reading as I keep renewing them at the library and I’m running out of renewals. I need to focus on the kids. Schooling has begun and I need to get them up and running. I would also like to do some soul searching alone. I love to share but there is a time in all our lives when we need to isolate and cocoon so we may fully develop into a new and lovely form.

I see myself learning new dishes, playing with plant based recipes, sitting with stacks of gardening books and honing my gardening skills, taking the kids for long walks in the forest, joining the Goodreads book reading challenge and actually doing it this time…oh wait, I already joined and I’m 49 books behind. I see myself walking everywhere with kids and dogs, slimming down, working on the funky front yard, painting the last bedroom, watching interesting documentaries, purging and gifting others with more things that crowd our space.

I see us having more social visits, dinners with neighbors on the porch (we are doing minestrone and sourdough tonight), and playdates on all our amazing trails.

I just have this strong desire to shut this laptop and be completely present in my life with all my loved ones. To not take in any of the outside world, to not be poisoned with gossip darts and to have some peace.

Then I will return rested and the wind back in my sails. As we all know, if we are empty we have nothing to give. I’m actually too full and busy and need to empty and refuel.

So, in a nutshell, the channel and blog remain but I’m on vacation for some time.

When I return I don’t want to speak of or give any energy to anything or anyone unpleasant. We will continue to inspire each other as a community, to build our lovely and supportive community and thrive. The other people will continue their unpleasantries but they will only have each other in their dark gloom and eventually they will move on to other, fresh prey. And what we put out does come back. Remember that, every action has a reaction. Every period of sowing is followed by a harvest.

See you all soon!


  1. Ok, one more….Can you IMAGINE High Carb Hannah’s hater’s?! It’s gotta be off the charts. I remember a few years ago when there was a lot of back and forth with her and some jealous wannabe’s in the vegan/raw world. Since then, though, she’s seems to have blocked and ignored them too. She’s just too young, too pretty, too together for some petty little losers to handle. Recently, some fan showed up at their house to hang out with them and got mad that they weren’t thrilled! 🙂 So you have that too – folks who forget that online is not real life. Bunch of whackjobs out there but….I do believe the normal, sane folks outnumber them – thankfully. “Take what you like and leave the rest” can apply to people too. Step over those jealous ninnies and do what you love.

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  2. I was thinking the same thing when Kaye worries about being repetitive. That’s what it is for most of us….the same dailyvtadks that need done over and over, it’s normal 🥰


  3. I’m very proud of you and happy that you are taking care of yourself and doing what is best for you and your beautiful family. When you first deleted your YT channel, I felt so sick – but not as sick as I felt when I read the nasty comments on that horrible gossip site. Totally disgusting! Your post today was so strong – I’m encouraged yet again Kate. There is a huge lesson to learn from all this. There are always going to be ugly people in this world and we unfortunately are stuck on the same planet. However, we can choose to focus our energy on the goodness. You have a huge community of people that truly want the best for you. Love to you and your family.


  4. Oh!! Time for a RETREAT!! 40 days, no online crap (I would say no internet at all, but you NEED movies, documentaries, music, etc…so….we will make amends for those).
    40 days. And no cheating and coming back early!!

    After that, come back and tell us all the cool new meals, the last of the summer sunsets or sunrises,.that new silly thing that the kids do that makes you laugh, the projects that Bali is working on….

    Retreats…it’s what all the cool kids are doing. 😎

    Most go to Costa Rica, but you’re going to this cool little forrest cabin, with a garden, and a stack of books, and wild kids and dogs. Lol.

    See ya in 40 days, babe. 😉😊😙


  5. I hope that a little time away will bring you much peace and refreshing. Your words of wisdom cause me to think, change and grow. Thank you for showing strength and courage to move forward.. Wishing you and your sweet family joy and happiness always!


  6. Glad you are not too discouraged. I am swamped with work right now and am finding my own enjoyments in my downtime… It is time to pull up from my garden which is diseased and done and replant for my next season’s harvest.


  7. Kate, I am so sorry..I honestly am. It hurts my heart for you. Those women on GB don’t have a real life. They make themselves feel good by taking down others. You are a good homemaker, writer, wife and mother. Actually, you are a phenomenal mother. You inspire so many of us, don’t let those losers suck the joy out of your life.

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  8. I understand! See you when you get back. In the meantime I am working on passing and doing as well as I can in my EMT class that will be finishing up in September.


  9. Take care, enjoy, nourish the body and soul. However long you take I’m sure we will be happy to see you whenever you are ready to emerge. In regards to recipes I’ve really been enjoying the Bosh boys recipes especially the aubergine katsu. Now crack on with your life in all it’s glory and trees. x


  10. Enjoy your much needed vacation time. Stay safe, take care! Sending prayers to all in the path of the fires and those in surrounding areas. Gigsy


  11. This sounds like a wonderful plan. We will all definitely be here and waiting when you return.
    I wanted to mention how much your videos, blog and attitude have been helping me through my own peri/menopausal transition during the past 2 years. In my case, it’s happening earlier than I expected and I’m dealing with a life I hadn’t planned to live just yet. I can attest to the fact that simplification becomes priority. Menopause has turned everything upside down and sideways for me and I wasn’t prepared because i come from a long line of women who don’t talk about these things. So, I’m always grateful to any women willing to share their experiences because it helps us all who might be feeling lost and alone through this.

    Your tips of simplifying and prioritizing have really helped me figure out what I need to be doing to make my life easier now that it feels more overwhelming. I wasn’t prioritizing joy and now I need that in my life more than ever, but in order to have it, I need to make more Breathing Space. So, I’m using inspiration that I’ve learned from you about getting rid of clutter and things that don’t bring me joy anymore, unsubbing from channels and blogs that don’t feel nourishing, removing addictions and time wasting habits.. It really is true that menopause changes your brain. I have far less tolerance for all this stuff, so cutting it out is easier than it used to be.

    I have no doubt that you have the tools to weather your own journey through this. Your self care plan sounds delicious. I hope that you will share with us when you feel able to again because we all get so much out of that. My wish is for your writing and community to be your safe spaces again. Know that you are supported and loved. Take care of yourself and we’ll see you when you return!

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  12. Just “dropping by” to say Hi to the community, and if by chance kate is reading, to her as well.

    Also, this is something I visualize when going through a period of transition. A sweet little pond surrounded by pussy willows and fragrant flowers. You can hear the bees buzzing nearby. You look in the center of the pond and you see a little green frog in the process of jumping from one lily pad to another. Now, freeze that shot. The frog is suspended mid-air between the two lily pads. Look at the two water lilys. The one the frog is jumping from is nice enough, but looking closely, it pales in comparison to the one the one is jumping to. The plant is larger, truly IS greener and there are dragon flies practically swarmimg above it.

    It is obvious that our little frog is on his way to something better. And that’s wonderful and a wise decision on his part. There will be more stability on the new lily pad, more to eat, and a better view of the frogs’ favorite flowers [purple iris]

    As stated before, he is in the midst of jumping from something good to something even better. Pretty exciting, but while that frog is actually in the air he is more vulnerable to danger from a hawk swooping down and eating him, that nasty little boy on the shore with a bb gun who loves to shoot anything that appears to be flying, and the big ole bass [in a small pool? I know, but this is an illustration] leaping from the water in hopes of making a snack from the frog.

    Change, transition, can be incredible, but that period between lily pads is a time of extreme vulnerability when things that normally would be only an annoyance, are in fact extraordinarily threatening.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts today. Kate, I, among others will be here waiting for you whenever you are ready.


  13. Take care Kate. Negativity is draining and no one needs it, especially at this time. People have lost their minds. And please don’t let any of the comments about you not being whatever define. you. Most of us are just looking for relatable, fun content. You offer that and more.


  14. Hello Kate, I teach a university online class and at the end of the course students evaluate me. Some students will give me an outstanding evaluation and some a not so good evaluation. I have always followed classroom policies with all students. I did not understand why a small number of students would give me a bad evaluation, while the rest gave me a good evaluation. After reading about three class reviews, I stopped reading the reviews all together.

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