Homekeeping, small pleasures, healing, and hobbies.

Photo by Pille Kirsi on Pexels.com

I’m watching My Urban Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaHeI894wbY . I highly recommend this mini documentary about a housewife that grows an abundant vegetable garden in her small yard about the size of her living room (I think she said 260 feet). She feeds her family 7 months out of the year. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is working with bad, rocky soil and cold, damp weather. The summers don’t seem to get above the 70’s in temp and they average 7 to 8 hours of sun. This is a very inspire video. It’s also fun with a retro vibe.

I see her nurture her garden and put so much tender love into it and I want to go out to mine and spend all day, every day working it.

This is how we feel when we watch a person clean and tend to their home. There is so much on YouTube but I have found very little in the way of inspiration. I’m a hippy at heart and I need a funky, charming kind of visual. I know many of you know what I’m talking about. I tried to do it on my old channel but you need someone to film and edit a certain way. I wasn’t crafty enough to catch that feeling of my days of nesting.

I can capture some photos now and then and put it into words.

Homemaking or homekeeping for me is not as it is for others. It is not very mainstream. I do some things traditionally, some things the old fashioned way with my own spin and mix in the modern conveniences.

For me, I make it into a game, changing things all the time. I rearrange furniture and paint walls, I change out the menu all the time, I go from all scratch cooking to all convenience foods. I use all modern conveniences one day and do things old fashioned the next. I try to find inspiration in books and documentaries to do better, clean with more skill, cook healthier.

I’m going through some changes internally at this time. Some are physical and some are deep emotional changes. I’m transforming into a middle aged woman. That is if I live to be 100. Middle aged, my oh my. I feel, emotionally, like I’m in my thirties still. But alas, I am getting on with it and it seems so bizarre. I say it half joking as though it’s not really happening. Just as thirty year olds joke of being old when they aren’t even close to the change.

But the back is taking longer to feel right despite weekly chiropractic visits and Hatha Yoga, not to mention long walks daily. My moods are funky. Up and down and all around they go these days. I’m not there yet with menopause but something is a stir.

I have little patience for the outside world or mainstream. I find certain conversations, people, or situations toxic and unpleasant and I find myself not wanting to deal with it anymore.

Other parts of life are so precious I stare at it wanting to freeze time or slow it down. Like good, expensive chocolate, I want to make it last, not gulp it down.

I just keep clearing out what doesn’t feel right or enrich our lives. This may look like less time with friends when it feels like work. Clearing out clutter from the house when it feels like all we do is clean and move things about. It means clearing the calendar off a bit when it feels like we are racing from one appointment to another.

We get addicted to the rushing around and checking our social media. Fortunately for me, I come from the 70’s when you had to find a payphone to call for a ride home. Computers were large, heavy boxes and I don’t remember having a microwave in our home until I was a teenager. Phones were on the wall and when people hung out they really spent time with each other because there was nothing to distract them.

For me to get rid of media is still tricky but living with out is not as hard as a kid raised in the last 20 years or so.

For me listening to Delilah on the radio while washing dishes in the kitchen is nostalgic. I have a landline that I’ll never give up because I love the sound of a real phone ringing through the house.

I’m a housewife, for goodness sake. A dying breed, as one old eye doctor put it. My young chiropractor wasn’t quite sure if I was just unemployed or if he heard right.

I blog and video about homemaking because, for me, it is a blessing and gift. I’m very fortunate to stay home. Some days there is a lot of work and dealing with children requires a masters in child psychology. Other days I find bliss and fun all day. Some days are filled with chores and some days are so lazy I feel a little guilty.

Either way, I can listen to a spiritual lecture while rolling out tortillas, read a book while sitting with children, meditate while hanging laundry…

I learn a lot about everything while I do chores. Sometimes I learn from listening to said lectures and seminars. Many times I go with in while I clean or work in the kitchen. I think about life, my inner turmoils, past, present, future. I don’t know that it’s a good thing but there are those golden moments when I I feel right with the issue once my house has been cleaned top to bottom or I have an answer at the end of the cleaning spree.

Cleaning is therapy. I think you all know that. It puts things right in the house and in the mind. An organized house is an organized mind.

There is something about good music and a pot of coffee brewing on the stove. That just sets up my day right.

I get tired of the daily routines. Today is one of those days. I’m in my pj’s at 9:30 am working on a cup of coffee. I did clean up toys and vacuum just now because the mess was getting to me. The fan is going and I shut down the Magic School Bus and turned on Pandora music. The kids are outside picking blackberries after a breakfast of melon. Today I will make a simple meal that cooks itself. I’m not in the mood to work or cook or clean. We have days like this and it’s best to honor that mood. It’s time to take a break. Do the work you might find rest and reflection in and take the Stouffer’s lasagna out to defrost.

When we have the energy, that is when you clean deeply. That is when you bake and cook huge batches of dishes and pots and loaves.

But there has to be more. We can’t just clean and cook all the time with nothing more. That is how it used to be but these are different times and I have found that homemaking wasn’t enough. I need creative outlets.

Maybe you love to paint or write. Don’t worry that it doesn’t go anywhere, who cares, do it out of love and enjoyment. Maybe crafting is your thing or you love nothing more than to read huge novels in the after noon after chores and before making dinner.

Life is to be enjoyed. We work hard to create and build a solid life. We buy a home and make it cozy. We cook nourishing foods and maybe plant a large garden to feed the family organic and cut cost. We love and teach our children to help them grow into healthy humans. This helps with creating a good life for us all. But hobbies and side crafts are so, so important for us all.

Find the pleasures and creativity in your daily house work and find hobbies that delight you.


  1. Some days we need a little convenience food once and a while. I have enjoyed cookIng from scratch more often. Healthier and feel satisfied I know what’s in the ingredients. And I’m okay with an occasional frozen pizza on busy days. Just turned fifty and I feel so much more at peace. Not sweating the little things anymore and using my voice to say “No” when I have to. You may like you tuber- Robbie and Gary gardening made easy. She does a lot of containers but has great little shortcuts. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you always for your peace and wisdom, you truly make my day☺️❤️

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  2. Doing your art for love and enjoyment, as you say, is so important. I think these days especially, people get too wrapped around the idea of monetizing their art and it can take the joy out of it. xo

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  3. Peri-menopause. Isn’t it awesome? (sarcasm) I think you’re in the middle of it now.
    I dealt with Peri-meno for 5 years in earnest. I just tossed the last of the feminine hygiene products but saved the Diva Cup just in case, but it’s been 18 months since Mother Moon’s visit and that signifies menopause is achieved. I don’t miss her monthly visits. At All. Freedom is on the other side. Well, hot flashes are still here which is a total bum-bum, but I think I got through it relatively unscathed. I am 51 and due to be a first-time grandmom this month!
    Keep exercising, K. Not to lose weight but to stay mobile, flexible, and to protect your bones. As the ovaries start to close up shop, the fat around our middle, hips, rear starts to provide the estrogen our body needs–hence the middle-aged weight gain almost all women get. A lot of women don’t know this fact and work against it. But the weight gain is the body’s natural protective feature.
    I identify in my head as a 35-year-old brunette but the mirror shows someone else and the reconciliation is still in progress. Meh, whatever. I am working to embrace my inner crone. I think she has a lot of wisdom to offer.

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  4. Oh, I found you! I thought you’d completely disappeared. Good for you for starting over. I try to keep from oversharing online–the world can be a nasty place. It’s the few crazies that make us all have to be careful. Thank you for the youtube series. I appreciate any advice from someone living in a cooler climate, like me. All the best!!

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  5. What a lovely post. A reminder to always try your best as people are hard on themselves and it’s ok to slip from time to time.

    Have a blessed weekend Kate and Friends!

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  6. Lovely blog Kate. Reading your blog and watching your videos gives me a sense of normalcy during these abnormal times. Thank you. Take care.

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  7. I like your observation that housework can actually be therapeutic. As things get accomplished it often puts a going-in-the-right-direction feel to things Great post!

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  8. I turn 59 tomorrow Kate. Good Lord- that was never supposed to happen to me! Totally understand how you feel. When my children were you g it was work all the time cooking, cleaning, yard work- but I loved it. But I remember I was worried someday my tombstone would say,”she kept a clean house!” There is more to us than that. Music. Art. Nature. Quiet. The ability of our minds to think & our hands to create. We have to nurture those things and share them with others. Especially in these crazy times.

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  9. Kate, you have written a beautiful post. Full of wisdom. I used to think that your old YT videos were charming. You helped us all to see how we could create a sanctuary for our family.

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  10. This is such a beautifully written post. Kate, when I was 44 I had a full hysterectomy and bilateral mastectomy which put me into an immediate “post menopause” state. I became an elder overnight. One day I was a vivacious (though cancer ridden, unbeknownst to me) mom and wife. The next, I was a survivor, praise God. It’s definitely different on this side of the fence. The tone of my skin and flesh have changed and will continue to change. My acceptance of the brevity of life has settled in, and I’m going to make the most of it. You’re just approaching the gate of the new pasture, and as one aging mare to another, let me welcome you. There is peace here, and contentment. You can finally become who you’ve always been. Welcome friend.

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  11. I wanted to share how I treat my back pain. When my neck hurts, I lie on my bed on my chest with my head hanging down over the side of the bed. When my lower back hurts, I lie on a table or sofa on my stomach and allow my pelvis and legs to hang down. These measures usually ease the pain in a few minutes. I prefer this to flooding my body with a foreign chemical.
    I bought a large industrial dustpan with a long handle from the hardware store. I sweep small toys into the pan then sort and put away. We have Lego blocks. Stooping to get each can be hard on the back at times.
    I no longer lift DD out of the tub. I learned to sit on toilet lid, place a towel on my lap and have her climb out of tub onto my lap with assistance.
    Wear good shoes and add shock-absorbing inserts if necessary. Wear them all day even around the house. Back pain can be aggrevated by the force of each step radiating up to one’s back.
    I hope these help. Blessings.

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  12. Love this so pleased to find your writings again. I too am a sah mama and i love it. In th UK its blackberry picking seasom and we go and get free food for appleand blackberry crumble. Take care x

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  13. When I was going through menopause, I found a book by christine Northrup. I think it was called “The Wisdom of Menopause.” This book was a life changer for me.

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  14. “I have little patience for the outside world or mainstream. I find certain conversations, people, or situations toxic and unpleasant and I find myself not wanting to deal with it anymore.” — Kate… I have been telling this to my husband for about 3 years. I really just want to run and hide and be ignorant to all the is going on around. I don’t want to deal with any of it either.

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  15. Good morning Kate, I sit her early morning eating a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries and bananas, with my cup of coffee and enjoy reading your blog so much I also downloaded your book Home Economics on Kindle and have been really enjoying it so much, it has so much valuable information, everyone should read it. I loved the video “My Urban Garden” she has such a small garden but makes use of every available space and uses it wisely and her family eats so healthy for it, that is what we need to learn, gardening does not have to be hard, I learn as I go and the mistakes you make help you to be a better gardener, I will re-watch that video again sometime today, have a great day Kate :0)

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  16. Kate, I was thinking about you and stopped by to say hello and wish you a harmonious day. Love and peace.


  17. Hey Kate. I can’t leave comments on you tube as my account was cancelled due to a troll. I actually was Sunroom Stitcher and had a hundred or more videos that went poof. Yes needlework and God and a happy marriage offended some poor soul. Anyway I want you to know I would follow subscribe if I could but I can’t. It really was the best thing to happen to me to lose my channel. I didn’t like how it changed me either. Anyway please be you and no one else. I love watching you and you make me smile. I just wanted you to know I am out here and appreciate you and yes your husband and family should be your priority ALWAYS. I changed my life in June when I retired at 63, I just couldn’t take the world of working anymore. The world has become so divisive and it was destroying my health, mental and physical. I embrace each day now excited about the possibilities and am beginning to do things I always wanted to. Our income has been cut but God makes a way for me. Always take that leap of faith. God Bless, Sandi Jo


  18. I feel behind on your old blog. Today I was missing you and was dismayed to see that it and your YouTube channel were gone. I emailed Prepper Princess and she gave me your new links. Yeah!

    I’m sorry the bullies went after you but so glad that you’re having the last word. I’m looking forward to checking out your new channel. On YouTube I’m Mom23Cedars. Hopefully I’ll do better at commenting than I tend to.


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