Oh boy, the top photo is my living room now. This photo here on the bottom is the old living room. It was even worse. I moved out a huge entertainment center, got rid of this couch and ottoman, and a large recliner. I can’t find the old photos. I’ve been downloading onto my USB and then deleting everything out because this cheapo laptop will only hold so much.

But you get the idea. I detested that couch. It is now making another family happy. I love my living room now and spend many days in here sipping coffee and writing.

It took $125 to redecorate and another $30 for the couch cover. It doesn’t take much to renovate. A little scrubbing, a can of paint, maybe just the couch cover.

I’ve been cooking up a storm. We had a neighbor over for dinner the other night. Bali was given a long, plastic table for free at the shop. The kind they use at fairs and markets. We put it on the porch and since then we have had a couple big meals out there with neighbors and friends.

We had a pizza night with candles and music and our new friend up the street. This weekend our friends and their boys came over for a long hike on the nearby trails and I loaded the table with vegan chili, white rice, watermelon, tortillas, La Croix drinks, and salad. We ate heartily. It is the most charming and fun place to have our meals.

In this area there are a lot of old houses with porches and people love being out there in the evenings drinking wine with friends, playing cards, having the evening supper.

It doesn’t take much to transform a space into something enjoyable. I still want to simplify my house more but we are at the point where we are using everything we have. Cleaning is a breeze now and we spend most days taking walks into town for some groceries or walking in the woods. We love to be out and take our time returning home. But home is where we relax, make scrumptious, simple foods, read our stacks of books, watch a good movie, learn something new. Speaking of good movies, I just watched The Lost Husband on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I thought it would be a cheesy romance but it had some substance to it and a real hunk.

As many of you know by now, I’ve begun a new YouTube Channel. Here is the link again for those who missed it.


I don’t know how often I will put up videos. I learned so many wonderful life lessons the past couple months. Family and home come first (along with my sanity) and I choose not to have my work interfere this time. I am also remaining far more private these days. The channel will be more spiritually based. I will talk about everything from homekeeping to personal transformation but in the spirit of healing and finding our higher selves, our true joys and life paths.

Hope to see you all there and remember to brew that coffee and turn on that music!


  1. That porch idea is fantastic!!! This is one of the primary reasons I so desperately wanted a front porch in our next home (when we moved to where we are now)… alas it was not to be this time… maybe next time though ๐Ÿ™‚

    SO SUPER EXCITED that you’re back, and I literally got teary eyed when I realized you were back both here and on YT… Obviously, I totally understood and respected your reasons for everything, but for my own selfish reasons I was so so grateful and relieved to see you back! YAY!!!! โค

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  2. I love porches. We have a back porch. Before this virus, we used to have friends over for dinner but nowadays it is just the hubby and me. We love to have our morning coffee and evening meals there. Afternoons are too hot. Come to think of it none of the houses on our street has a front porch. Your living room looks open and spacious now. Looking forward to your next video. Take care.

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  3. Thanks for the Netflix movie suggestion. We watched The Sapphires over the weekend and really enjoyed it. May not be suitable for the children, nothing bad but just suggestive stuff. You watch Netflix a lot please recommend more in the future. The titles sometimes turn me away. Like The Swiss Army Man I think it is called. Not sure what the writer was smoking when they wrote that one. But the one who played Harry Potter (don’t remember his name) stars in it. He must be pretty desperate for work because it was ridiculous.

    Another question. The bidet. I know it is supposed to save on paper waste but how do they just drip dry? lol I still have to dry, sorry. Thanks again for all your wonderful suggestions in the past. We are also enjoying our Berkey and also (generic) sun oven.

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  4. That couch cover is so pretty! It makes the room all warm and cozy! The porch is very inviting! What a great place to eat and hang out with a good book! I have loved your use of color in both homes. People are afraid of color but it gives life and joy to living spaces. Last fall hubs painted the outside of my she shed a lovely pink. It makes me smile ๐Ÿค—

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  5. I really like your porch and the way you have decorated it – it looks so inviting and relaxing. In the picture, are you making tortillas or pizza? Both sound delicious! I enjoy reading your blog with all your insights. Thanks!

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  6. You speak my language when you write about home interior decorating. ๐Ÿ™‚
    LOVE the deep burgundy sofa slipcover. It really makes a tremendous improvement in energy in the room. Regarding the old gigantic section sofa that you detested, I was right there with you. It was too big and too tired. It was an albatross of a piece of furniture and for the longest time I was wishing you’d ditch it.
    And can I say the yellow paint, in fact, the entire painting endeavor really paid off. Not only is it your signature look, but it warmed the place right up. Cozy has arrived.
    I love the porch rug. You used to have it indoors in your old place. I think it would look good under your kitchen dinette if it’s large enough to not get in the way of sliding chairs.


  7. I can see your love and beautiful soul shining through in the way you’ve taken care to decorate and make everything so inviting! That porch is glorious! I’m so thrilled for you.

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  8. I LOVE your new living room. My husband, youngest son, and I are all considered high risk, so it’ll be awhile before we’re having neighbors over. We don’t have a front porch but we do have a back patio, and I am excited for when we can. So much so, that every time I prepare a new dish for dinner I ask my family “Should I make this when we can start having company again?” To tell the truth, I’ve never been big on entertaining before, but I fantasize about it on a regular basis since Covid hit.

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  9. We are social distancing in our deck lately. Makes it all more bearable. Love the couch cover and the rug looks perfect.
    Valerie in SC

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  10. Your living room looks lovely. So welcoming!! Youโ€™ve inspired me, just repainted an old tv unit from drab taupe to bright white along with some wooden chairs Turquoise! I have new living room!!! Really enjoying topics on YouTube. So happy to see you again. Thank you always for your wisdom.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’

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  11. You truly have a gift of making a house a home – it looks beautiful. So cozy, welcoming and warm. Love all the colors – you have done a fantastic job.

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  12. I love the idea of actually using everything you have. We have so much purging to do but most of it will probably wait till next year with David surgery in two months but weโ€™re working on it slowly. It is so inspirational to see what a difference itโ€™s made in your life! Iโ€™m really excited to get to that point!
    Love the big family table on the porch!! ๐Ÿ˜

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  13. Your living room looks good, and a comfy sofa! I dont have the money for a ยซhandy manยป, so I made a stair for my porch myself. Have the tools and the leftover materials. I am so proud of myself, and why didnt I do it before? ๐Ÿ˜…


  14. Wow what a transformation! You have made your house look so inviting, I wish I could visit you, I am so yearning to be able to visit people, but unfortunately it is not meant to be in our area. The virus is getting worse in our area and my husband has cancer, so we are only going to medical app’ts and grocery shopping. Thanks for coming back into the social media world, I really missed you!!!! Your posts are the highlight of my day!

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  15. Hello Kate!! I have that same plastic table, they are great and so versatile, I use it in my screened in back porch for my seedlings and tomatoes it is much cooler in there, we have been having high, high heat so it has been a challenge growing this summer, I feel like every summer is just getting hotter and hotter, love the way the living room turned out and glad you are enjoying your home and family :0)

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  16. I love the way you made your porch so cozy. It gives me a peaceful feeling just to look at it. Kate, I am so happy that you are back. I really grieved over your absence. I watch your videos more than once. Your latest one has already been watched twice. Yes….please do all kinds of videos. They are NEVER boring. I just wish that you had left all your old ones up because I was in the process of watching them from the beginning. And also show those handsome sons and hubby. Extremely happy to find this blog. You are living the life that I would love to live…..Love ya….Sherry

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  17. It’s nice to see you back, Kate. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I think too many people get fixated on YouTube people. It’s NOT healthy. Not at all.

    People need to look inward to enrich themselves and improve their lives. Look to God, a higher power, etc. It’s nice to see videos and be encouraged. But it’s just that…a means. I’m not going to fall apart if someone I like on YouTube leaves. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We all only have a finite amount of time in life. We have to spend it wisely, no matter who we are.

    If this pandemic time has taught us anything, let it teach us to make the most of what we have while we have it. We all need to focus on what is important in life.

    Be well, Lyn


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