New Channel.

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Hello everyone, I have a wonderful announcement to make. I have begun a new and fresh channel! Ah, the excitement of starting a new channel! And this time I will have some experience behind me.

What will the new channel be like? What will we discuss? How will I handle future hecklers?

Who knows! I won’t be handling hecklers…they come and go, it’s all a part of show business. I will be far more private and family and home will come first and be separate.

With all I’ve been learning and exploring, there is so much to talk about!

I’ve been on such a purging spree that I was not surprised that I was forced to delete everything. I’m almost non existent online. So, how fun to be able to recreate everything in a new way.

My family has been on such a new path with moving and changing our lifestyle on many levels. I’ve been going through a deep inner journey of growth, maturity (sometimes it seems I’m regressing), and transformation. It is very fun and creative but there is a lot of getting rid of the old and finding what fits us now.

I’ll have a chance to do a new format for the channel as I am for this blog.

I hope the old community finds its way back, I truly miss you all.💖😊


  1. I couldn’t get on my YouTube fast enough and watch your first video! So good to see you again and you look great! I’m so glad you’re going to do what you want to do and not try to please a single other person. That’s not your job, your only job is to be true to yourself and I’m thrilled that that’s what you’re gonna do from now on and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say from your new space!

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  2. Yay! Going cold turkey and not having that warm, familiar “chat with a friend” every couple of days was kind of depressing with everything else going on. Make it work for you and that’ll work for us – welcome back!

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  3. Wonderful news! Am going to subscribe right now. So looking forward to the new channel and I hope all the comments will be supportive of you and the channel’s community.

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  4. Kate, what timing!!! I was moping around this morning, missing your talks, slipping with the frugality, using paper towels haphazardly, drinking coffee with oat milk and monkfruit…alone, and decided to try to fill the void by checking your blog, AND I FIND THIS!!! Sincerely, i appreciate your bravery, and I want you to know you have so many followers who truly appreciate you. Poo poo to the haters!


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