New ways to live for more health, wealth, and happiness.

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Today has been one of those pleasant days were it just flows and things get done with time left over. The children are all registered for various schools, all part time and serving them in different ways. Indoor schools are online but outdoor schools and preschools are gathering. I’ve chosen wisely and my kids will have some semblance of a social life and I’ll have a break. Hallelujah! I probably shouldn’t count my chickens until next week…ah well.

I’m sitting on my big, soft bed, that I adore so much. The Secret is playing on the TV as I write this blog. I’ve watched it so many times but when you are learning spiritual work or just refreshing your memory, you reread and rewatch the same things that speak to you hundreds of times. is a new place for me to watch all sorts of documentaries and teachings on spiritual works. I have it on in the kitchen when I cook and bake, listening to wonderful teachers.

I am in this wonderful space of having purged everything and now I’m filling up on what feels right and good at this stage in my life. I even started a brand new blog and I’m loving it! I will be starting another channel within the next two weeks, so there is a heads up. I’ve already set it up on YouTube and I’m organizing my ideas for what I will share. I want it to inspire and heal. I will do a combination of loving your life at home and how to grow and heal right where you are.

In the meantime I’ve started some new habits in the last few weeks. These are habits I’ve been doing off and on for years but I was feeling older than my years physically and finally jumped in all the way.

I’m completely plant based now and I feel so much better. It’s a slow process. I’ve done this on and off since I was 17 years old. However, now is the time. Veganism is so popular right now and growing fast. There is SO much delicious, creative alternative foods out there and more amazing chefs and companies popping up daily. It is no longer a boring diet, it is probably one of funnest ways to eat and you feel so clean, light, and vibrant inside when you don’t have meat rotting in your intestines for 75 hour or constantly if you eat meat daily. Cheese was the last item I had to let go of. It is always cheese that makes it so hard for people to convert completely in the end. Cheese, glorious cheese. is a very inspiring site that covers veganism in business, food, and environment. What ever one may think of veganism or a plant based diet, it is the only diet I know of with so many positive impacts on the body, the environment, animals, and the future of our planet and economy.

I was feeling better but not great until I switched out the powdered dairy creamer for oat milk creamer and switched to vegan cheese. In a few days I feel much better.

Yoga is the next daily ritual I’ve added to my life. I have done yoga on and off or years. I used to do Bikram yoga and Vinyasa, Hatha…aaannnd, never stuck with it.

But the 50 year old spine is really giving me some trouble and chiropractic is not solving the ache. This new doctor is young and fantastic. He even adjust dogs! And horses! How one adjust a horse…and I haven’t a horse so it doesn’t matter, but Molly may need care one day with her extra long spine.

So, this new DC says yoga is the answer. He suggested Hatha Yoga. I find a 45 minute, simple Hatha Yoga video on YouTube with some lady on the beach. I love it and do it almost everyday, and I have to say, I’m feeling much better. Not ready to do cart wheels, but I sleep better.

I was already taking walks with Molly every evening, sometimes I take a kid with me, sometimes all three get to join us if I’m feeling generous. However, the yoga seems to be having the biggest impact on my moods.

Walks, cutting wayyy back on the sugar, plant based eating, and then yoga. I find myself being more playful, patient. Less yelling, more just sighing at the mischief.

Oh, and of course the lack of media. I have time to make bread by hand and stroll through town in the evenings. I have time for daily yoga and all my chores. I have time to color and do creative things just like my children.

I did this while watching Gordy with the kids last night. I also enjoyed some The Office on Netflix. If you like that show, you best binge now because it’s leaving Netflix in January 2021.

And reading. I’m actually having trouble getting a book completed these days. I have a stack but I’m still on page 97 of the first book and 3 pages in Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I know some of my photos are blurry, sometimes I can’t find my glasses.

No, I’m in the doing mood. Moving, gardening, cooking, decoratings, purging, cleaning, watching movies and documentaries. Sitting and reading is not the mood these days.

I don’t watch anything having to do with the outside world. I watch my stuff on Gaia and fun movies and that is it. We listen to music.

Focus on what is good, wholesome, fun, loving, comical. There is no need to watch or listen to anything negative. It will only expand and consume you and then you send out yucky vibes. That is not a solution. Happiness and leading by example is the solution.


  1. Molly is so cute! I have a dachshund, too, and he lays on his back all stretched out like that sometimes, too. Adorable!

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  2. I just purchased Little House on the Prairie as well! I never read it as a child despite living in Kansas and on a farm. I watched the series recently and fell in live. Can’t wait to read all the books.

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  3. I got my print copy of The Homemade Housewife today. It had never occurred to me to use a top sheet as a bed ruffle. That’s a great idea.

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  4. That photo of Molly is a keeper. If you haven’t started a file of great photos for your sons (for when they are 25), photos of the dogs of their childhood will be important to them. Certainly the dino photos will make them laugh, too. Looking forward to seeing your new work. Rest and refresh.

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  5. I have been contemplating moving into a more vegan based diet and doing a slow and gentle form of yoga in my middle age. It’s encouraging to hear that you are noticing significant benefits from both. It will be so much fun to be able to see your new channel once it is up and running!

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  6. Love Molly’s photo! She looks quite Zen. So great your changing your diet and seeing results. And no sugar! I’ve tried going clean and although I start to feel better I end up going back to bad habits. Thank you for your input. Need to try with baby steps again. Have a wonderful weekend!! Excited to see what’s next for you.πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

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  7. Great post. Staying away from negative news is so important. I do not miss Facebook one bit . I only get on Instagram a bit, but it is pretty positive. No news, just photos and fun stuff. Love it. So much more posititive and not so much to read so I am not on it that much. Sometimes do not even think to look at it.
    I am in a more creative mood. Doing things I used to love to do but had not done for a long time. It feels so good to create again.
    I am happy you are doing great and I will tell David about the yoga, he has been interested but did not know where to go. Is there a particular video or channel you find the most useful ?
    Looking forward to the channel. How nice you can start over and do it the way that will less intrusive in your life and that you can feel safer and more secure.
    Little Molly is just too cute for words. So much personality !!!

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  8. I do the vegan thing off and on but mostly eat 80% vegetarian. My favorite recipes are from Nisha Vori. I have her vegan Instant pot book and have watched her YouTube some. I’ve never tried a recipe of hers that wasn’t great.

    I’m really looking forward to your new YouTube! I like your blog but it isn’t the same, your videos were my favorite thing to watch on YouTube. I didn’t get to the last 4-5 videos you posted before you took it down but I saw the porch or something was blue, so pretty!


  9. As always, what a great post! I love being vegan too. It has really helped my digestive track and sense of peace. I love your photos so much. You color very well. Maybe you should frame your art. Molly is like a comical pixie baby. I know that your new channel will be wonderful.

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  10. Yay! I finally found you! Took me awhile! So sorry for all your aggravation but so thrilled your back!!


  11. Glad you’re feeling more at ease and having more time at home. I’ve been thinking of leaning more towards meatless but still eat cheese πŸ™‚ I went vegan for a month and it was an eye-opener (this was 6-7 years ago?). I wanted to try it to see how to cook that way. It was fun, I felt better, I did lose weight which made me happier but it didn’t last too long given we were/are a omnivore family. But I think cutting way back on sugar now will help me. I have to say…I’m smiling to hear you may start up a new youtube channel. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face and “chat’ with you.

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  12. One request please; I can’t do subtle, so when you are ready with YouTube, please let me know the channel name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£ or I’ll be very lost πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£


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