Letting Go.

Photo by Rido Alwarno on Pexels.com

Letting go is a challenge, simply because the ego always buts its head in and has to get too involved.

The ego is not a good thing. Being conscientious is, but not when it interferes with Spirits communication.

The Universe is a well run system and if we get out of the way and just follow it’s guidance things go smoothly.

We are connected to Source. All of us. There is a flow and pattern. Spirit whispers to us as to where to go, what to do, what to give, what to with hold, and when to do these things. Unfortunately, we are too busy thinking about bills, what to cook tonight, what our boss said, if so and so is angry with us, why our child is acting up, what others aren’t or are doing, how unhappy we are and on and on. Our monkey minds keep us busy with nonsense so we miss the important messages.

It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.

Isn’t this interestings?! It’s enough to make you want to stop thinking altogether! 80% negative! Holly hell. And 95% repetitive…hum. And to think that we do this up to 60,000 times a day. How painful!

Many practices such as Buddhism, Zen, Taoism…the answers to sanity and happiness are found in a quiet mind and detachment. Why detachment? And does that make us cold and heartless?

Detachment makes it easier to be more compassionate because we don’t need, expect, or want an outcome. We are just present and observing. We can offer kindness but we allow the other person to work out their karma and find their path.

So many times we think we are helping others but we are trying to control their lives and force outcomes because the situation makes us uncomfortable. We want a son or daughter to straighten up because their actions stress us out or embarrass us. We want the drunk partner to sober up because they make the family miserable.

This is all very understandable but how about we just focus on our feelings and our path? You have a choice to remove yourself from situations if they are making you unhappy. You can leave a partner, distance yourself from grown children, leave a job that sucks the life out of you. You can do things with kindness and respect.

But the most important thing is to respect, honor and love yourself. It is not selfish as you will be a much kinder and more generous soul. People that have inner love and peace are kind people. They have more patience and tolerance because they are right within. They will honor themselves through all situations and they will listen to a higher voice above the ones surrounding them or even their own.

Now, there is a time to act and fight and march and stand up for things. But there is also a time to back away, remove yourself and sit and observe. Sometimes the strongest action is to pull away or remove your support or presence. Think about it. When you stop ‘saving’ the drunk or drug addict in the family. When you stop shopping with companies that are corrupt and enough people stop shopping with them and their stock drops so they are forced to change their ways.

Letting go is difficult. When we make decisions to let go there is a lot of internal debating and courtroom drama in our heads. We go through a lot of drama and in the end letting go serves us and others.

A tiny and simple example; I had ordered this dress off Amazon a year or more ago. It was gorgeous with the bright colors, patterns and the fabric was flowy and fabulous. I just loved everything about it, but it didn’t fit. It was far too big and long. I’m no seamstress and to have it altered would cost more than its original price. I let it sit in my closet for 4 seasons. I finally put it in a bag and on the street a couple weeks ago, along with a lovely old velvet chair. Both were beautiful items but the dress didn’t fit and the chair had bad memories.

The neighbors across the street took everything. They love the chair and it probably looks wonderful in their house. The dress fits the woman perfectly as if it is was made just for her. She loves it and wears it almost every other day. It is one of the nicest dresses she has now. I love seeing her in that dress and knowing that it is being enjoyed so.

These are small examples. But sometimes we hang on to a job or relationship thinking that we are doing a service. I mean what will they do with out you, right? But when Spirit encourages you to move on…move on. There will be someone that will be great in that job and love it. They are just waiting for you to open up that position for them. There is someone that will suit the relationship better be it a lover or friend, but you need to go first.

If we could just hear that guidance, shrug, and move on, we would save so much drama and pain.

Let go, and let the Universe to surprise and delight you


  1. Ok this was fantastic. I will be reading and re reading this. Very timely message for me for a variety of reasons. You are on a roll woman!

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  2. “People that have inner love and peace are kind people.” I love that. So much goes on in our minds that I am amazed that some have time and the energy to meddle in some one else’s life. The number of negative thoughts an average person has in a day is absolutely mind boggling. Buddha’s teachings are simple, tiemless and profound. Thank you for an excellent blog. Take care. Stay safe.

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  3. So happy to have found you and reconnected. Your messages keep me grounded. I feel as though I have been blessed with a best friend. Thank you for putting life into a deeper more meaningful perspective. I miss you on YT but understand your motivations. Family is everything.


  4. I needed this more than you’ll know. I’m so glad you’re sharing more Spirituality in this blog. I loved that on your YT and then your Patreon and I hated that you felt like you had to split it to make people happy. Your words are so soothing to my sometimes restless spiritual soul.


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