Welcome back!

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

Well, well, well…the old community is finding its way back to the mother ship! Not that I’m the mother ship, but you know, we are finding the new gathering place. The new watering hole!

I miss the community very much but I couldn’t exactly put out an announcement and lead the trolls here too. So, with help from friends and all of you the new blog is being found. Someone said they heard this song in their head when they finally found me again and it gave me a good laugh;

Yes, play it as you read and have a good laugh.

I should, logically, be upset about my online faked death and now hiding here in the virtual mountains in a new camp. But I’m not. It’s turned into such the fun adventure. I feel like I was part of a secret service mission gone ary and I had to change my identity because the previous one was compromised.

I have sent out smoke signals, hidden clues as to my whereabouts, had friends on YouTube send out coded messages and you all are finding the clues! I’m very proud of you all. I even recently updated my blog on my authors page not sure anyone would find that one and two of you found that hidden egg.

Here we start over and have fun. Here we learn abundance and freedom from worry.

When you have worked on the inner self as long as I have, not much ruffles your feathers. My kids can send me sideways but gossip and bad reviews are life of a star, really (grinning and NOT serious). It is when privacy is revealed and you have children that you go underground. I had so much to learn about not being so “open”. I know you all loved it but it was not a bright move.

We are in a time of destruction. It is a very volatile time for most of us. There is a lot of BS going on in politics and news. We are having revolutions in the streets, countries threatening each other. Then we have the crazy people harassing innocent creators.

It is the old ways being destroyed and it has only begun. It has to happen, whether you are on board or not. Things are a mess, chaotic, broken, not working on all levels. Nature is being destroyed, people are more hungry with greed for money and power, our politicians act like children, and none of the levels of our society are working. Schools are failing, government in all its forms are failing, companies are failing, families and homes are failing.

It obviously must come down, piece by piece. An old house that is rotten and a mess is torn down completely and the area is cleared and cleaned. Then, and only then can a new house be built.

There is a new way and world coming that is so very different that it can’t live side by side with this old way.

This is a time of truth and justice. Won’t seem like it for some time but this is when all the lies and dishonesty are revealed. As time goes on everyone will reap what they sow. They will eat either the bitter fruit or sweet fruit of their creation.

So, the best thing to do right now is either join the good fight, march for justice, or keep to yourself. Don’t desire revenge or feel scared of what is happening. It’s history. It’s been happening for thousands of years to shape our society. Just support what you love and feel good about. Ignore all else. Feed the good, starve the hate.

And for goodness sake, get a sense of humor!

Anyhoo…I just finished my nightly Hatha Yoga that my new chiropractor advised me to do. I have degenerative disc disease…which is a stupid title since it’s not a disease. It is what happens with age to most of us. I rise from chairs and beds like an 80 year old and lately I’m very uncomfortable. So, I finally committed to nightly yoga. The kids join in and Molly thinks it’s time to play and chews on my hair and toes. I like that the kids enjoy doing it with me, I don’t enjoy when they think it great fun to use me as playground equipment.

I have some great finds and did some fun things to the house recently and I’ll post that tomorrow.

Also, this blog will stay even if a troll stumbles upon us. I just spam and block trolls. I had to delete all my old stuff as I foolishly shared far too much and our privacy was seriously compromised and with children to protect you don’t mess around, right?! And yes, I filed several complaints and I think some of the material was deleted. I won’t talk of this again, I’ve had a lot of questions about this so I want to clear things up. The gossip sites can legal gossip but their regulations clearly state they are NOT to go after family or post addresses and compromise someone’s safety. There are many good YouTubers that are leaving their channels lately because of this sort of thing. YouTube must find ways to protect their creators, after all we are their money makers.

Now, no more questions or talk of this sort. Tomorrow I’ll have some fun, affordable home decor with photos and I’ll show you the fabulous thing we found for Little Miss.


  1. Yeeaahhhh Kate!!! I found the egg! It’s unfortunate that creators have to be at risk for trolls but remember Miss Kate, this is the unfortunate side of putting yourself out there (even for the greater good), there are always going to be trolls but you have more fans then the sad adults who are so rude with the comments. Glad I found you little silly :). Hope everyone is being safe! I work in the hospital as a Respiratory Therapist and cases are going down. Let’s all be safe and remember the good people out there caring for one anther.


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